About Simbae

Simbae, the Groomers 1st Choice is proudly a family owned business with Australian origins. Simbae is the brand child of TAJA Global, a family owned business established in year 1974, the company is recognized globally as a manufacturer of sustainable and eco-friendly leading products, creative marketing, brand and product development.

Any dog and pet lover would understand that these animals are not just four-legged companions but an important part of the family. Their love for us is unconditional – always happy to see us, always in the mood to play and constantly by our side to comfort us. They never grumble or lose their temper. Such kind, generous creatures deserve the best that we can give them in return. It is with this understanding that the Simbae brand was created. Simbae products have been carefully formulated to be safe and kind to man as well as his best friend.

Our Philosophy

  1. Make grooming an enjoyable bonding experience between pet and guardian.
  2. Enhance dog and cat's coat and space, keeping your pets looking clean, beautiful and healthy. They deserve nothing less.
  3. Support pet parents on best grooming practices.

Our Mission

Simbae’s mission is to enhance the bond between pets and their guardians. A sustainable pet care range, with eye-catching packaging that stands out on every shelf, event or exhibition. Simbae’s packaging truly does embrace the dogs sense of humor, cat's creative curiosity, and the spirit of joy and warmth that pets create in our lives every day. Simbae’s is a brand that professional or home groomers like you and I, will enjoy spending quality bonding time with your four-legged family members knowing that they are looking and smelling fabulous! Your pets will be smelling that good, that even your neighbor’s pets will be jealous!