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Join other influencers by promoting quality pet products for dogs & cats. Simbae offers the most attractive and playful range of pet products, making us an industry leader from pet shampoo’s, conditioners and much more! Join us on a spoiling adventure for pets and owners alike.

By joining the Simbae Affiliates Program, you will be able to promote Simbae’s current and future product lines, with exclusive affiliate offers and earn up to 12% commission on sales. Every Affiliate receives a $5 Sign Up Bonus!

Choose from a wide array of eye-catching affiliate banners, social media images.

After registering, you will receive an application approved email – there is a lot of resources made available to our Affiliates -you can visit our Affiliates Website for tips, strategies, how-to’s and much more. You can also follow our Affiliates Facebook Page for regular updates and latest promotions.

Simbae has partnered with Affiliate WP, they have one of the best tracking technology, reporting and payment processing. Have access to Real-time reporting and sales tracking, statistics, and 30-day cookie periods!

At the end of each monthly cycle, your affiliate account will be paid out by PayPal. PayPal is a globally known payment solution and with easy setup’s and multiple payment currencies!

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