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10 Ways To Know Your Pet Is Controlling You

He decides where you go on walks, when you play and for how long, and on which side of the couch you sit. He interrupts phone conversations and charges into new environments ahead of you. No, he’s not an overbearing spouse or fast-track co-worker, he’s your pet. And without an immediate attitude adjustment, this four-footed despot will be barking, hissing “Off with their heads!” in no time.

Here’s 10 Ways To Know Your Pet Is Controlling You ;


You accept that the last bite of your food will always go to them.1-(NEW)


You sing to them constantly.2-(NEW)


When you come home after having been away for a while, you are most excited to see them over anyone else.3-(NEW)


They eat better than you most days.4-(NEW)


You spend all your money on them.5-(NEW)


You’re positive they are the only ones who really understand you.6-(NEW)


If they don’t like someone who comes over, you decide you don’t like them either.7-(NEW)


You’ll stay home from work to look after them if they’re sick.8-(NEW)


Whenever you go out, you tell them where you are going, when you’ll be back and you remind them that you love them.9-(NEW)


When they climb into bed with you, you will stay in bed and end up running late just because they seemed comfortable.10-(NEW)

18 thoughts on “10 Ways To Know Your Pet Is Controlling You

  1. Ammar Ilario Zahrol says:

    hahaha. i have 3 cats, and gladly im not yet having these symptoms

  2. Miriam Goh says:

    But pets are always so adorable! Cannot deny that they have some control over us

  3. Pamela Yeoh says:

    hahaha. it is a pet and a friend

  4. Kenneth Tan says:

    Straight to the point ! Well written good one !

  5. Shin May says:

    Pets are just adorable friend to me although they are naughty sometimes~

  6. Absolute Yana says:

    wopppsss….luckily my cats tend to just mind their own business…hehehhe

  7. Geng Qian says:

    lol. so funny this post. but in exchange of love, i think some of the things are worth doing 😀

  8. Miera Nadhirah Rashidi says:

    hahaha… what a great post… with a lot of humour in it.. I guess we are guilty of showering those or even what we love with more then we should….

  9. Shini Lola says:

    I have two dogs in my hometown but I seldom interact with them because I rarely go back. Thanks for sharing this.

  10. Rane Chin says:

    haha this is so true. I miss my dog but he was missing for months 🙁

  11. Fong Hui Ying says:

    wow!!! Thanks for sharing…although I don’t have any pet yet, but will share wit my friends who have pet!!

  12. Betty Liew siaw fan says:

    I wish i have pet at home as I love to play with dog. Due to my area not allow us to adopt any pet, I just go to pet shop and looking at them.

  13. Jane Chua says:

    I don’t have pet yet but the information is interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Sharon Lee says:

    I don’t own a pet as well but this a great sharing post for the pet lover! Somehow I wish that one day I can enjoy pet staying around with me!

  15. Isaac Tan says:

    ahaha it happens to all pet owners. don’t know who’s the actual owner la. hahaha

  16. Shubhada Bhide says:

    Such a fun post to read! Yes, pets and kids can be so alike. They become center of your universe.

  17. Kelly Chin says:

    This is so true, pets are so adorable and they are loyal 😀

  18. Julisa Pratiwi says:

    I dont have pet but this occurs to some of my friends!

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