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American Curl

The backward-tipped ears of the American make it unmistakable. Curious and companionable, these cats adapt to almost any home situation and tolerate other animals remarkable well.

Ancestry: Random-bred domestic cats
Origin: Southern California


The American Curl is a medium-sized, elegant and alert animal with a sweet and friendly expression. Its outstanding feature is it remarkable curled ears.
At birth, the ears are straight but they begin to curl back during the first ten days of life. the degree curl is not finally established until the kittens are about four months old. Care should be taken when handling the ears – never force the ear into an unnatural position or you may break the cartilage.


Curious and friendly, the impish American Curl enjoys human company and remains playful and kitten-like throughout its life. These cats are every affectionate, even – tempered, lively and intelligent, and quickly make friends


🐾 Size: Small to medium
🐾 Coat Length(s): Short hair, soft, silky
🐾 Body Type: Semi-foreign
🐾 Grooming Requirement: Every few weeks (short hair), twice a week (longhair)
🐾 Talkativeness: Average
🐾 Activity Level: High
🐾 Affection: Affectionate
🐾 Usually Good With: Everyone
🐾 Time Alone: 4 to 8 hours per day
🐾 Attention: Needs lots of attention
🐾 Handling: Moderately docile

High five to all American Curl Cat Lovers out there!

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