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American Shorthair

Ancestry: Random-bred domestic cats
Origin: Europe, North America


The American Curl is a medium-sized, elegant and alert animal with a sweet and friendly expression. Its outstanding feature is it remarkable curled ears. At birth, the ears are straight but they begin to curl back during the first ten days of life. the degree curl is not finally established until the kittens are about four months old. Care should be taken when handling the ears – never force the ear into an unnatural position or you may break the cartilage.


Curious and friendly, the impish American Curl enjoys human company and remails playful and kitten-like thoughout its life. These cats are evry affectionate, even – tempered, lively and intelligent, and quickly make friends


The expression “all things in moderation” comes to mind when describing the ASH personality. American Shorthairs are neither furry door stops nor bouncing-off-the-walls hyper. The ASH is perfect if you want an affectionate and sociable cat who enjoys being at your side but not in your face, and is a good choice if you must spend time away earning the cat food. Just like the colonists who brought them here, ASHs relish their independence. They’re a four-on-the-floor breed, usually dislike being held, and allow cuddles only when it’s their idea. Nevertheless, they are very intelligent, loving, devoted, and loyal to a fault.
American Shorthairs have a real need for play and they tend to stay moderately active and frisky well into old age. They enjoy romping with their preferred persons, but can just as well amuse themselves with a ball of paper. Probably due to their rigorous mouser origins, ASHs have strong hunting instincts and enjoy catching and killing catnip mice—and real ones, too. If you let your ASH outside (not advised by breeders), expect her to proudly bring home “gifts” to her favorite humans.
American Shorthairs enjoy high places, such as the tops of shelves and cat trees, but can be trained to stay off the furniture. Fascinated by water as long as they aren’t immersed in the horrid stuff, ASHs will often hop into a recently drained sink or tub to investigate.
ASHs adapt well to almost any situation if given time and patience, and with their accepting temperaments, they usually make first-class family pets—and good companions to other cats and cat-friendly dogs, as long as they are properly introduced. If you like a little peace and quiet when you come home from a hard day, the ASH is a welcome surprise. Unlike some breeds, they usually aren’t demanding and they rarely vocalize unless they have something very important to say, such as “My food dish is empty!” When they do talk, their voices are usually quiet and high-pitched. They make up for this by purring as loudly as small furry freight trains.


Size: Medium to large
Coat Length(s): Short hair
Body Type: Semi-cobby
Grooming Requirement: Every few weeks
Talkativeness: Quiet
Activity Level: Fairly low
Affection: Moderately affectionate
Usually Good With: Everyone
Time Alone: 8 hours per day
Attention: Needs average attention
Handling: Moderately docile

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