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Ian Somerhalder & His Pal Nietzsche

Behind his on-screen smoldering good looks, his come-hither eyes and his downright hotness, this actor who is typically known for his epic role in Vampire Diaries, is a mega watt animal lover. Off-screen, when hunky Ian Somerhalder is not doing groovy things for animals or out spending time with his precious pooches, you can probably find him adopting more animals to add to his family. He and his gorgeous girlfriend Nikki Reed have adopted a cat, a horse and also added another rescue kitty to their family recently.

If that wasn’t enough, Ian has founded the “Ian Somerhalder Foundation” an all-around green organization aiming to promote conservation, end animal extinction, heal the planet and environment, end animal testing, empower no-kill animal shelters, expose animal cruelty, and the list indeed continues. Not many people know that behind Somerhalder’s talent and steamy appearance lays a major crusader for animals!

Ian 1 (NEW)

Ian 2 (NEW)

“Animal cruelty is one of the most unfortunate and barbaric demonstrations of human beings
manipulating ill conceived nations
of power over other species” – 
Ian Somerhalder

21 thoughts on “Ian Somerhalder & His Pal Nietzsche

  1. rawlins_glam says:

    Agree with his statement about animal cruelty.
    Praying that humanity may shine through and we can live together in peace with animals.

  2. Pamela Yeoh says:

    agree . Hope ppl realise this and we can have good times with animals

  3. Angel says:

    Yes. The animals are so innocent… Thank you for the sharing

  4. Claudine says:

    Ian. I love him. please check out Marc Ching and support his fight to stop the dog meat festival in Yulin

  5. Absolute Yana says:

    wow….love him even ten times more now!!

  6. nor hidayah mohd nor says:

    I started to know about this after following him on instagram. He is very kind and animal lover, share the same passion with his wife 🙂

  7. Isaac Tan says:

    well he’s definately a good looking guy 🙂

  8. Shini Lola says:

    Handsome guys~ It’s great to know he is very kind to the animals. =)

  9. Sharon Lee says:

    He is so handsome. Love his passion and love towards animal <3

  10. Sin Yee says:

    Hahaha.. Everyone is attracted by his good looking.. XD Thanks for sharing..

  11. Geng Qian says:

    ahh…adds few more points for Ricky now that I found that he’s kind hearted and helpful! <3

  12. Lee Tiffany says:

    I think every girls is attracted by his handsome face LOL yet he is really caring and passion towards the animal :3 Thanks for sharing this so that people will aware about this cases

  13. Fong Hui Ying says:

    now every girls love him so much…he is so so so handsome!!

  14. Amelie Yap says:

    I am a fans of vampire diaries as well as Ian! Woah. He is such a kind hearted guy in real. Guess all the girls are mad over him after knowing him this well.

  15. Kelly Chin says:

    I am his fans! Agree with his movement. Hope that more people will support his foundation too.,

  16. Ivy Kam says:

    Great job! I support his movement too since I am a animal lover 🙂

  17. Shin May says:

    No doubt ~He is damn nice looking ..haha
    Anyway,I like dogs too~

  18. Shubhada Bhide says:

    Animals deserve equal respect just like we give to humans. They are always man’s best friends.

  19. Batik andBubbles says:

    Nice to know he has other talents beside acting :)!

  20. leonamanutd says:

    so sweet, who doesn’t like guys that love animals right? saving and adopting them too, great job to him

  21. Arisa Chow says:

    love dogs as well even though i wasnt much of a dog person growing up due to a bad incident with the strays

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