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OPRAH’s Favourite Things: Her Dogs!

Oprah fans know she loves dogs, especially the cocker spaniels who share her home. So much so that when her dog Sophie died, Oprah shared her sorrow with her audience – and later donated a suite at Pets Are Worth Saving (PAWS), Chicago’s largest no-kill shelter, in Sophie’s memory.

What is amazing about Oprah’s love for her dogs, is she reminds us how much our dogs and special companions in life can teach us. Not only about the world, our environment but mostly about ourselves. Each animal that’s passing through our lifetime, teach us valuable lessons I strongly believe this is because every pet has a unique personality to which we as pet owners, experience a new level of being.

Oprah featured the self-funded suite, along with her other small dogs, on the June 2009 cover of O magazine. The issue also turned the spotlight on puppy mills and rescue dogs, one of Oprah’s many dog-related concerns.

According to the issue, there’s been a 50 percent reduction in the number of pets euthanized in the Windy City since PAWS opened in 1997 — including one pup rescued by Oprah herself. Sadie, a cocker spaniel that Oprah first met at the shelter, was the smallest of her litter but tough nonetheless. After winning a fight with the often-fatal parvovirus, Sadie seemed a natural fit for the woman who has spent so much of her life inspiring others.

These lucky pups are even allowed on the bed. Here they are snoozing against a pretty vignette of fresh flowers, books, and a sculpture.

Solomon 1994–2008

A Christmas present from Stedman, Oprah says Solomon was “one of a kind.” For 14 years, the loving cocker spaniel traveled the globe by Oprah’s side and shared special moments with all kinds of interesting people.

Sophie 1995–2008

After surviving several health complications, including chemotherapy and a tumor removal, Sophie slept by Oprah’s side every night and never missed a day’s work for 13 years. Oprah said this cocker spaniel was “one of the reasons for me to be a kinder, gentler person.” Watch Oprah’s emotional tribute to her beloved Sophie.

Luke, Layla, and Gracie

Training three golden retriever puppies were no easy task. Oprah turned to dog trainer Tamar Geller for guidance in 2006. Tamar showed Oprah the basics of teaching her energetic goldens to sit and not jump. Sadly, after only two years, Oprah lost Gracie in a freak accident after she choked on a toy.


Oprah has always been a major advocate of pet adoption, so in 2009 she went to PAWS Chicago, a no-kill animal shelter, where she fell madly in love with Sadie. As a puppy, this cocker spaniel overcame parvovirus, but today she is known as the mascot of Harpo and is not afraid to speak up during Oprah’s meetings.

Sunny and Lauren

For her 56th birthday, Oprah decided to get herself a special birthday gift: Meet sisters Sunny and Lauren. Like Sadie, Oprah adopted these springer spaniels through PAWS Chicago.

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