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Caring For Your Older Dog

Once your dog becomes older it is time to take some preventative steps in order for them remain healthy, happy and active. Have your vet examine your pet annually or more often, if necessary.

As in humans, keep your dogs weight within the proper or optimum range. An overweight dog has far more health problems such as joint problems, arthritis, diabetes and liver or kidney malfunctions. Cut down on the amount of treats given to your pet. It is hard to resist their soulful eyes but always remember that it is for their own good. You do not want to kill your pet by thinking you are being kind to them. Feed your pet once a day or smaller amounts twice a day but remove the food if there is any left. If you have children, explain to them why they should not sneak food to the family pet.

As with dogs of any age, make sure there is always fresh, cool water available. Some older dogs have problems getting to the water bowl so either take the water to them or place bowls of water in several different places so they do not have to go far for a drink.

If possible take your dog for a short walk daily. This helps the dog’s blood circulation and provides some new sights and smells to stimulate them and it gives you quality time to spend with your pet. He may be older but still curious.

Caring For Your Older DogYou may need to switch from dry food to a moist or canned food as your dog ages. His teeth may not be able to handle the hardness of dry kibbles. Looking after your older dog and taking him to the vet regularly helps keep your dog healthy and happy longer.

16 thoughts on “Caring For Your Older Dog

  1. Salma Tayo says:

    great information.the older they get, the more they became our family right?so we need to take care of them like we take care of ourselves too.with much love at that.

  2. Pamela Yeoh says:

    great information. they have been taking care of our home and we should treat them better too 🙂

  3. Kenneth Tan says:

    Great tips ! We must not neglect the older dogs 🙂

  4. Rika Jue says:

    Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Emily Lowe says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I had two senior dogs before. Taking care of them was not easy at all as they were very ill.

  6. Geng Qian says:

    thanks for sharing the tips. don’t have a dog now but thinking to have it in later stage!

  7. Sharon Lee says:

    This is so cute, thanks for the write up dear. Feel like its the way we take care old people at home as well =D

  8. Arisa Chow says:

    should share this with my sis since her dog is almost 10 years old soon

  9. Shubhada Bhide says:

    One of my friends had dog for more than 15-16 years…became quite old and sick towards the end..Animals are so much like humans…

  10. Fong Hui Ying says:

    my bf’s dog already more than 10 years!! Should share this to my bf!!

  11. rawlins_glam says:

    My family’s dog is more than 10 years old. I will alert my mum to take him to the vet and go for walks more often.
    I think these steps also apply to cats right? Thanks for the info.

  12. leonamanutd says:

    my pets all never lived so long dunno y, i just can’t take care of them well? i wish to have a pet for real that can live half a life with me if possible.

  13. Miriam Goh says:

    Even pets need extra care and love especially as they grow older. These are some tips that need to be taken note of

  14. Betty Liew siaw fan says:

    Thank you for sharing the tips. It will be useful to me as my house has one adult dog.

  15. Ivy Kam says:

    Thanks for the tips, will share this with my sister who owns a 6 years old dog 🙂

  16. Sin Yee says:

    These are good tips for people who have dog. Thanks for sharing

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