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How To Integrate A Dog Shower Into Your Home

Your dog family might consist of one dog or more than three – either way every dog owner is convinced that their companions are the most intelligent, happy, and behaved dogs ever! However, we here at Simbae are also convinced that if any dog goes on too long without a proper bath, they can become one of the smelliest dogs!

One struggle when it comes to bathing our dogs, is the preparation process which requires lifting our dogs into the bath, or keeping our dog still in our bathroom without running around making even more of a mess. It does not only make for a very stressed out pet owner – but the dog isn’t enjoying the experience either.

So here is some ways how to integrate a dog shower into your home:

Laundry Rooms

If you have a more modern aesthetic, this sleek pet shower may be the inspiration you’ve been looking for. Be sure to install a hanger that can hold all your Shampoo and Conditioner bottles & Brushes to make it easily to pick up and put back.


An easy to walk-in shower is ideal for large breeds and older pups. The shower shown here is also surrounded by tile, which is easy to wipe down afterwards. All the shelving space is perfect for keeping all your dogs grooming tools in a neat collection – stock up on all your Shampoo and Conditioner bottles, tooth brushes, cleaning supplies & brushes.


Installing a pet shower just inside the garage is ideal for animals who live primarily outdoors. Not only is this shower easy for dogs to walk into, but its brick tiles make is super easy to stay clean! Be sure to use a Sanitiser for after use to remove any dirts or bacteria that is left behind.

Outdoor Spaces

One of the trickiest parts of getting pets to bathe is making them feel comfortable, it is perfect warmer climates and big backyards. This is the ultimate grooming station to built in your home, as you could install a collar hook, so your dog has room to walk around while taking his shower (without running off on you). Tricky part is would be finding the perfect place for your hanger that holds all your grooming tools like your Shampoo and Conditioner bottles & Brushes!


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