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8 Inspired Built-In Dog Beds for Your Home

As a complete dog lover, you cannot see yourself ever living without your four-legged friend. In saying this everyone is also a house person and it matters how your home looks, we all want our dogs to be comfortable when we have our friends and family visit. So here is a few inspired dog beds for designers, homeowners and pet owners to create built-in beds for your dog throughout your home. See inspired ideas for locations in the mudroom or kitchen, these areas are out of the way of humans and accommodating for pups.

A dog bed built for two! Because it’s incorporated into the cabinetry design, the pups can safely sleep out of harm’s way and not bother diners eating at the nearby table. Nestled underneath a counter-top, the bed area uses wasted space and feels like a den for dogs.


I love this idea of a special space and room just for the dogs – where they can relax, play & sleep without being disturbed by the humans! The mudroom normally has a your dogs bath & remedy needs like grooming shampoo, conditioners and brushes!


Laundry rooms, are a unusual place – but nonetheless it makes for a nice place to hang out with your furry companion, so do the laundry and enjoy your space with your dog!


This is the most creative way to have a built-in dog bed in your home! You can use the space as a built in area with your dogs pet bed, leave on conditioners, pet brushes & even your dogs food and water bowl.


Now this is a unique way to make a dogs cage blend in your home, definitely will need to keep your Sanitiser & Air Freshener close by to keep the room smelling fresh and bacteria free!


This is a nice way and out of the way to keep your dogs comfortable and still a part of your every day living! Keep your Sanitiser & Air Freshener close by to keep the room smelling fresh and bacteria free!


Sit and Chill with your family, friends & dog!


This is a classy and smart way to spend quality time with your dog, while you are also in a relaxed state of mind reading. Your presence alone will keep your dog in a nurturing and peaceful state of mind.


Now this is the ultimate bedroom dog bed goal! Who wouldn’t love to see their furry companion close by, in their comfortable bedside table! Brilliant! You can keep their little space smelling clean & germ-free with a pet bedding Air Freshener!

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