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Keratin Boosts the Strength, Vitality, & Thickness of the Fur Naturally

Does your pets hair seem to break easily? Are you tired of looking at your pets fur only to see dry, split ends, and breakage? With regular grooming and climates changes, your dogs fur can become stripped of its natural proteins; the end result is that it becomes brittle, dull, and will break easily.

Origins of Keratin

The coat is made with hair, and keratin is a natural protein composing of the raw material of cats’ and dogs’ hair (and human hair).

History of Keratin

The earliest documented records of Keratin were from a Chinese Herbalist Li-Shi-Zhen. He wrote 800 books with over 11,000 prescriptions. Scientists found Keratin intriguing because usual methods of dissolving proteins would not work with Keratin.

What does it do?

Keratin makes the coat brighter, it reinforces it, and gives it more weight, as well as thickens it. Keratin is good for the coat! The coat of your animal will be soft, bright and silky. It’s the end of dull hair!

What products use Keratin?

Our hair consists of amino acids bound up in Keratin and as such, we add this to our hair formulations to boost the strength, vitality, and thickness of the hair naturally. Simbae offers a set of grooming products made with natural and organic, sustainable plant-based ingredients that include keratin, that is perfect for long, thick and coarse fur breeds who suffer from breakage, damaged hair and hair loss.

You should use Pet Grooming Products with Keratin if your dog has…

  • If your dog sheds, struggles with hair fall, or knotting and matting fur – a detangler with Keratin will ensure the fur releases the knots and with frequent use, it should ensure fur is manageable.
  • If your dog requires a more moisture-rich hair treatment, a Keratin range of products is perfect.
  • You don’t have to shave your pet’s fur to restore their coat back to health. In fact, using a shampoo and other products with keratin oil in it may be all you need to do. Keratin oil benefits can help to reduce breakage and achieve the healthy and shiny hair you used to have.
  • If your dog has long, thick and coarse fur – then a Keratin Range of Grooming products will provide all the care your pet needs.

Prevention Tips

  • Bathe your dog regularly with a keratin shampoo to keep the skin clean naturally.
  • It is very important to properly dry your dog with a towel and or even better with a hair dryer on low heat after bathing.
  • Regularly wash your dog’s bed and any pillows or blankets they sleep on.
  • Daily brushing and grooming will also assist to prevent any tangles or matted fur, ensuring fewer irritations.
  • Check your dog’s diet – ensure they are eating the right food for their skin conditions if they have any. Certain ingredients can sometimes affect your dog’s coat and skin. Speak with your local vet if you have any concerns.
  • Ensure the grooming products you use do not contain any SLS, Paraben, Phthalates, Nitro-musks, EDTA, MEA, DEA or color dyes.

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