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The Most Loving Breed of the World is called Rescued

Animal welfare is a hard topic to talk about and to see graphic videos of the abuse of animals. It is said that the most loving breed of the world is called Rescued. Still today animal welfare is a big issue globally. Celebrities and animal advocates raise their voices to petition and support rescue organizations to stop the animal abuse and torture that occurs throughout the world and in some specific countries where animals such as dogs and cats are still being killed for consumption.

What is really happening

Every year, thousands and thousands of dogs and cats throughout Australia, New Zealand Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia are abandoned, physically abused and even locked away in cars under very high temperatures.
Millions of dogs and cats throughout South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, China & Hong Kong are killed for consumption and for their fur.

Sadly, 90% of animals captured die during transportation due to the stressful conditions, of 20 or more dogs crammed into a single cage.

Those that survive, sadly lose their lives through being beaten to death, electrocuted or hanged and skinned alive.

The people behind the organizations

There are many passionate people and individuals behind non-profit organizations and rescue groups who actively save the lives of pets every single day. They do everything they can to help and rescue dogs and cats who are in danger or in need.

Simbae started this project with 7 Charities across Asia Pacific, whom we stood by their animal welfare philosophy and work – the project has furthermore grown with the following charities, no kill shelters and NGO’s are fully dependent on donations and fundraising events to help keep the charity running and continue caring for the animals. They are feeding the animals, taking them for veterinary check-ups, vaccinating them against illnesses, and neutering/sterilizing them.

The work that these charities do really make a difference to pet’s lives but they need the support of their local communities to keep going. They cannot survive without fundraising and donations – their continued work and efforts mean- pets will have the opportunity to be loved and find a forever home.

Save a Pet’s Life Project

This is a long-term project, we do not plan to stop until we really make a difference for animal welfare globally. As we are only in the initial stages, as the project takes off we will be putting donations raised, charities supported, numbers of pets who have benefited from the donations.

Our project is put in place to ensure that our customers can make a difference with every purchase they make with us for their pets. It is our responsibility to use our voices for animals and support those organizations and people who make strides to help save the lives of pets.

So, let me ask you this….
if you could help save a pet’s life right now, would you?

How? Learn more about the project or

Simply purchase any products and WE WILL donate $2 to the charity of YOUR choice. At the checkout, will find the list of charities and you can name one for your purchase. Shop now

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