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5 Fascinating Facts About The American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo dog, is a beautiful large dog, with a fluffy white luster! At first glance, this breed is most commonly mistaken as a Samoyed dog! They have an undeniable charm and are very much loved as a companion dog for any dog lover.

A Working Dog!

Yes, that is right this beautiful breed is a hard and versatile working dog! Most often they had the tasks of livestock herding, guard dogs, hunting, pest control. The American Eskimo dog is quick to learn and keen to please, so they can be found taking part in many canine sports. This breed is perfect to take for a day to the park!

Comes in three sizes!

You most certainly would be amazing if you could see all three of these sizes altogether. The American Eskimo breed has three sizes, standard, miniature and toy the following weights is best described for each size;

  • Standard – 35lb
  • Miniature- 17lb
  • Toy – 10lb

An American Eskimo is not actually Amercian!

The Amercian Eskimo dog breed, actually originates from Germany – up until World War 1 this breed was known as a German Spitz dog, due to the war the dog breed underwent a rebranding of some sorts as anything German at the time was rejected. World War 2 saw a rather large decline in this dog breed, it was at this point where some of the breeds had found their way to the USA and were world renowned as performing Circus dogs.

A tricky act to follow!

Animal circus and shows were very popular in the early 20th century – and it would attract large crowds and towns together for a night out. The Amercian Eskimo dog was a popular act, due to their intelligence and quick learning they were very keen to please and put on a show. One dog in particular ‘Stout’s Pal Pierre’ was one the most talented acts – as a tightrope walker, the crowd would go wild for him.

They do not always come in a white coat

This beautiful breed, as a very distinct pure white fluffy coat – along with it being very thick and soft to touch. Another color this breed can be found in is a pale beige off-white tone, it is more of a shade as their undercoat still remains white! This type of dog breed requires grooming to keep their fur smooth and soft to touch – Using a complete grooming solution for Long Hair – containing nutrients such as Keratin, Horsetail and Honey will assist to increase fur strength and shine naturally!


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