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6 Dog Breeds That Are Most Likely To Get Totally Spoiled

We all love our dogs so much, we just can’t stand it. They have the cutest faces, the cutest paws, and the most adorable, well, everything! They’re just too perfect to not spoil, right? We spoil our dogs in our own way, but some breeds are a little more likely to get spoiled than others.


They’re just so cute and tiny! Their little size bodies mean that most of their toys are bigger than them, and if we take them on an adventure and get too tired – they know we’ll carry them! Chihuahua’s are super easy to groom, they tend to be a little bit sensitive so their coats just need a daily conditioner to keep them freshly scented.


You don’t have to be small to be spoiled rotten, and the Golden Retriever is a great example of that. One of the most popular breeds in the world – the Goldens love of swimming helps make their case for why they have to go on the family vacation with you or for bath time, they love a good shampoo and blow dry!


Besides the need for constant grooming, little Yorkies are one of the easiest breeds to spoil. They are adorable and can be seen in many dog purses. We see them getting spoiled all the time, and their ability to be a great companion might just be what motivates us to spoil them. They have soft and silky fur which makes them look shiny to any eye! Be sure to use a good conditioner & detangler for their coat.


With 3 different type of Labrador Retrievers, and them being the reigning popular breed for the last 3 years in the United States, it’s no wonder why they make the top 7 most spoiled breeds. Their high energy level and fun nature make them a great family dog, and also makes them irresistible to spoil with treats and toys for kids and adults alike.


Though not as highly ranked as the English Bulldog as the most popular breed, the French Bulldog’s smaller size makes them easier to spoil. They’re much easier to pick, and dress up, unlike their English relatives that are a little too bulky and big – you can use a coat softening solution to keep your Frenchie looking and feeling fresh!


Not only are they underestimated for their hunting skills, this grooming intensive breed is frequently spoiled by their owners, and they know it. No matter what size we get them in, we love them and give them whatever they want and need – they are well known for the poodle curls, so be sure to keep them maintained with keratin-based grooming products.

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