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Did you Know these Small Dogs Breeds Don’t Shed

Even though typically having a small dog means a house of dog fur stuck on everything, your sofa, your bed, your carpet – almost like you have a full sized dog in your home. While there is no such thing as a dog that does not shed at ALL – there are some small dog breeds that shed very little, and I mean little fur.

Here are some of our favorite breeds that don’t shed or are somewhat light shedders;

  • Affenpinscher – A charming and spirited dog that loves to be indoors and is generally quite good with young kids and other pets. An intelligent dog that will enjoy taking a daily stroll down the street with you. Very light shedder.
  • Australian Terrier – Consider as a small watchdog! This pup has coarse hair, so a good Detangler to keep fur smooth can go a long way. They are alert, observant and a perfect breed for small houses or apartments.
  • Basenji – This dog is super apartment friendly, they are well known for barely barking – they prefer a yodel, mumble or whimper instead. This medium sized dog is lightly built and slightly muscular! They are intelligent and active so perfect for a small family – little to no shedding.
  • Bichon Frise – A very noble and high-status dog breed, well known for their companion roles throughout the 1800’s – they have a slightly puffy and volumised fur type, that is easy to maintain with Leave On Conditioner solution. A playful, cheerful and affectionate temper!
  • Border Terrier – One of the oldest breeds, this dog does love children although they have their eyes on small animals and think of them as prey – so be mindful of this. This breed is quite active, alert and affectionate by nature. So if you are a young and active, millennial you will most certainly enjoy this breed – they have a low grooming maintenance, just a spray & brush.
  • Brussels Griffon – A full of personality dog that just loves to be around you, wildly energetic – they are super smart and confident dogs, so as a first-time dog owner you may find this dog a bit difficult to train. This breed has two types of coats – rough which is quite dense and wiry – smooth which is short and straight. Either way, this dog is a light shedder and can be kept in apartments or condominiums.
  • Cairn Terrier – Perfect family dog, it is quite small but craves attention from its family, other animals, and children! This dog is very friendly and happy – this dog has minimal grooming habits – making it a great dog to teach young kids how to shampoo, condition and take care of their pet.
  • Dachshund – Also quite well known as a sausage dog or a wiener – this comedic dog is quite extraordinary – it has a long and stretched body with multiple fur types: Smooth, Longhaired and Wirehaired. Making this dog a medium to light shedder – daily grooming and brushing is the best way to ensure this breed as low hair fall.
  • Greyhound – A popular breed type, well known for their short and smooth coat! This breed has some of the most beautiful colored coats such as seal, red, white, blue and fawn. They are perfectly suited for an individual or family with grown children, as their finely boned demeanor is one of calamity.
  • Maltese – This small and white breed dog is fearless, they love meeting and mingling with new visitors – so unlike the Australian Terrier I would not recommend this dog as your watchdog! They are extremely playful and love attention – their silky flat coat makes them easy to groom and take care of.
  • Shih Tzu – This dog is popular for its flowing and long haired fur with a teased top bun! This would be one of the most trusted and loyal dog breeds, they are not super active, they would be more calm and quiet making them perfect for an apartment sized home with no kids. This dog breed is a light shedder, and you could get by with a monthly bath and in-between bath days use your Leave On Conditioner to maintain a fresh coat.
  • Silky Terrier – This companion dog breed origins from Australia – its beautifully long, silky and straight fur adds to their cute demeanor. A friendly and lively dog that needs constant attention and love from its owner – grooming would be the perfect time to give this dog the care and love they yearn for.
  • Yorkshire Terrier – An assertive and brave dog fits in quite well in apartments or in the suburbs. Although they do require some training as they can be a bit nippy and demanding otherwise. Their glossy, long coat with a black and tan coloration is naturally shiny so the coat needs to be brushed and sprayed with a Tangle-free solution to ensure lose strands are caught, making your home shed free.

So there you have it – our top picks for dogs that do not shed or have light shedding coats and some best grooming practices to ensure your dog does not leave fur everywhere around your home.

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  1. Kieran says:

    I wish I had read this a while back. My dog sheds soo much! I leave the house looking like a bear.

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