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UK’s Airedale Terrier are the King of Terriers, here’s why.

One of the UK’s home-grown terrier breeds the Airedale Terrier have very distinctive qualities such as being much larger than most other terriers, leading to their unofficial title of “the king of terriers.”

Airedale Terriers have a very lively, intelligent, outgoing and bold personality. They have a strong global following of dedicated dog lovers that will tell you that their dogs are the best in the world!

Here are five interesting facts about the Airedale Terrier that you maybe did not already know!

They are the largest of the terrier breeds

As mentioned, the Airedale terrier is the largest of all the terrier breeds, and they are classed as medium to large dogs, with males standing up to 61cm high at the withers, and females a little shorter. However, don’t be mistaken this dog breed is not heavy, they have more of a lean muscle rather than a bulk weight. Their long legs keep them quick and nimble on their feet.

They are a working breed!

When something catches their eye they immediately hook onto it and give it all their attention. They have a fearless nature and never lose a hunt, they are a very formidable breed! That is why they were one of the first breeds selected for police work, and they also were involved in the British military during world war 1 as courier dogs. Their hardiness, intelligence, tenacity and general versatility mean that they are viable choices for all sorts of different roles and canine sports.

They are generally good to train and manage

Having an above average intelligence the Airedale terrier, is a very versatile and useful dog perfect for sports and easily trained. They love learning new skills and have a very good attention span above other breeds. Training them using fun reward-based training is best.

They need their fur to be stripped up to four times a year!

Grooming an Airedale can be time consuming – as they need to be thoroughly grooming and their coats requires stripped about three to four times per year! Brushing the coat several times a week helps keep their coat in good condition without too many tangles, a combo of shampoo, conditioning and detangling sprays is the perfect grooming selection for this breed.

They are notably good with children

Some terrier breeds are not hugely tolerant of children, particularly young, noisy ones that might not respect the dog’ personal space. However, the Airedale is one terrier breed that is particularly noted as being good with kids, and they are generally calm, tolerant and kind with them, even when young. They also love playing with children and so, a lively home with a family that likes to spend a lot of time outside taking part in activities that the dog can enjoy too is often a good fit.

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