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Fun Fact About Cats

There are hundreds of official cat breeds in the world and even more mixes and mutts than we can count. Each cat has his own unique set of characteristics and personality. But one thing is certain – these lovable and wonderful companions are fascinating creatures.


🐾 Cats have three eyelids.

🐾 Cats can’t taste sweet things.

🐾 Cats can’t see directly below their nose.

🐾 Cats have excellent hearing and night vision.

🐾 Female cats are right-handed, male are left-handed.

🐾 The pattern on their noses are unique, like a fingerprint.

🐾 Female cats are called ‘Mollys’ and male cats are called ‘Toms’.

🐾 A cat can jump up to five times its own height in a single bound.

🐾 Cats make about 100 different sounds. Dogs make only about 10.

🐾 Cats use their whiskers to judge whether they’ll fit through a space.

🐾 A cat’s jaw can’t move sideways, so a cat can’t chew large chunks of food.

🐾 The heaviest cat on record weighed over 21 kg. Cats usually weight 5kg and under.

🐾 Kittens sleep so much because the growth hormone is only released when they sleep.

🐾 Cats don’t have sweat glands over their bodies like humans do. Instead, they sweat only through their paws.

🐾 Grown cats have 30 teeth. Kittens have about 26 temporary teeth, which they lose when they are about 6 months old.

🐾 The little tufts of hair in a cat’s ear that help keep out dirt direct sounds into the ear, and insulate the ears are called “ear furnishings”.

🐾 A cat can’t climb head first down a tree because every claw on a cat’s paw points the same way. To get down from a tree, a cat must back down.

🐾 While many parts of Europe and North America consider the black cat a sign of bad luck, in Britain and Australia, black cats are considered lucky.

🐾 Some cats have survived falls of over 65 feet (20 meters), due largely to their “righting reflex.” The eyes and balance organs in the inner ear tell it where it is in space so the cat can land on its feet. Even cats without a tail have this ability.

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