3 Must Have At-Home Grooming Supplies

The basics of at-home grooming are brushing your dog’s coat and bathing. Yes, that’s it. The frequency and how often you must do the above tasks depends on your dog’s coat, breed, and lifestyle. Generally, every second day brushing and combing and a fortnightly or monthly bath.

Ok to make this process easier I will break it down in a what tools you will need for your dog’s grooming kit;

There are four main types of brushes and combs you will need, each depending on the type of breed you have.

  • Pin Brush – Perfect for longhaired breeds. This brush has straight metal pins and can help to release tangled hair and ensure your dog’s fur looks and feels silky smooth.
  • Slicker Brush – Perfect for puppies and breeds with medium and long coats. This brush is softer than most, with small bent metal pins – it is so fine and flexible making it a kinder brushing experience.
  • Curry Comb – Perfect for shorthaired breeds, with smooth fur. This comb is best for combing dead hairs, bringing oil to the surface and getting rid of any dog dandruff. Don’t be afraid to take this comb into the bath and use while shampooing your dog.
  • Comb – Perfect for breeds prone to knots and tangles. This comb is usually metal and has thicker teeth to release knots.
  • De-shedding / Dematting Rake – Perfect for breeds with thick fur or double coats. This comb has large gaps, hence the rake name, it is meant to get out dead undercoats and clear away all that loose fur.

Having a dog-specific shampoo that is developed for our pets, this means having the right pH level for a dog’s skin, as they’re skin is more alkaline based. In basic terms, dog’s skin is more delicate than ours, which is why human shampoo is a big no to use on dogs.

Simbae has a variety of shampoos to choose from with signature scents designed for pets – currently, product ranges cover all Pet Types, Long Hair, Sensitive Skin, & Puppies & Kittens.

The main importance here is to clean the dog’s coat and skin without irritating your dog’s skin. This is where the ingredients come into play, Keratin is the latest great ingredient in pet shampoo because it naturally restores the oil back in the coat. For sensitive skin, anything with Aloe Vera, comfrey, and chamomile shampoo is perfectly for reducing irritation in dogs skin. Puppies and Kitten Shampoo requires something very mild and tearless – combined with Lavender you will have the best calming shampoo!

WATERLESS CONDITIONER (for in between bath days)
Conditioning Shampoo or following-up with a waterless conditioner keeps your dog’s coat from getting dried out, tangles or matting. Simbae has a simple to use, a waterless option that is perfect for in between bath days. Whether your pet is afraid of water or if you just need to give them a quick coat freshen up then a waterless conditioner works perfectly. Spray onto your dog’s coat and use either your hands or a brush to stroke your dog’s fur – for extra short hair dog’s this is a better alternative than shampoo because their skin would be quite fragile after a bath, they could easily catch a cold.

Having the right supplies is your first step to making grooming an enjoyable experience for your dog. Ensure you make grooming times often, to ensure your dog is relaxed during the grooming. Don’t take too long otherwise your dog may feel uneasy or stressed. Don’t forget treats is the number one trick to distract your dog and keep their attention on that!

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