3 Ways to Remove Dog Tear Stains Naturally

Removing tear stains on every breed varies – and not all tear stain removers work on all breeds. It also depends on how long you leave the solution and the type of fur you are applying it onto. If time allows, it is best to do all three of these solutions – although remember daily cleansing is a must, and a quick face-grooming helps to minimize discoloration before it returns.

1) Natural brightening solutions: Once suggestion is to moistening a cotton gauze pad with gentle saline solution, and lightly rubbing around/underneath each eye. This may have a subtle brightening effect. You can also try using a cotton swab or makeup sponge to carefully dab this diluted mixture beneath around the eye area carefully to not get it in their eyes.

2) Barriers: A non-greasy, “natural barrier” product helps to absorb new tears before they can saturate facial fur. These include zinc oxide ointment, and baby powder made with cornstarch (not talc). Use a tiny paint/cosmetic brush to dab a very thin layer of either beneath your dog’s eyes every day, especially near the nose. Just be careful to stay outside the lids!

3) Mild cleansers: A tearless shampoo is the perfect formula to remove tear stains – moisten a damp washcloth with an extra-mild, tearless shampoo (like Simbae’s Fabulous Fur Shampoo). Gently wipe around the face and around the eye area every few days.

Photo Credit: @wongmoon

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