5 Proper Ways to Brush & Groom Your Cat

Some cats simply will not tolerate brushing, and some just love the feeling of the brush bristles combing their backs, tummy and under their neck! Spending time brushing and grooming your cat is the best way to provide your cat with a healthy fur coat and circulation for their skin and removal of dead fur.

Strengthening your bonding experience with your cat increases their quality of life. Grooming your cat is a good way to show your cat attention and affection. By regularly grooming your cat you can reduce irritation to the cat’s skin, spread a light leave-on mist throughout their coat.

Before you begin grooming, make sure your cat is comfortable – prepare all your grooming tools and set up quietly next to them.

  1. It is very important to pick a time when your cat is relaxed, quiet and not simulated. Meaning when they are mid-nap – you can spray some of Simbae’s Leave-on Conditioner onto your cat’s coat and as you gently begin brushing them, caress them with the palm of your hand allowing a fresh scent to gloss over their coat.
  2. Start small and gentle – pick a spot which does not irritate your cat such as under their chin (the best place to start)
  3. A soft brush is the best – something that smooths over their fur and does not cause them any discomfort.
  4. You can buy their calmness with a few dry snacks for them to nibble on as you comb over their fur.
  5. If you’re relaxed and calm – your cat will be too! If you’re quiet your cat – will be too!

Remember if your cat is not enjoying the grooming process, stop and try again later.

Does your cat love to be brushed or do they attack the brush?! And if so, how do you try to make brushing a better experience for your cat? Share us your secret in the comment below!

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