6 Natural Ways to Relieve Dog Joint Pain

The hardest thing for a pet mother or father, is to see your dog in pain or discomfort. When you take a dog into your home you vow to love and care for them the best you can for as long as you can, but natural health issues such as arthritis and joint pain arise in your pets, the same way it does in humans.

Being a natural grooming company ourselves, it is super important to try drug-free ways to help your dog live pain-free. Be sure to consult your veterinarian before making any major changes to your dog’s diet, exercise or medication routine.

1. The right Nutrition & a Healthy Weight

Ok simple mathematics here, the more extra weight your dog carries, the more strain his or her joints suffer. So that means if your dog is overweight or putting on some extra holiday pounds, you must start a weight control regimen.

2. Go for those morning Runs & Keep Moving 

If your dog does have arthritis, you will want to revamp his or her exercise routine with a morning and afternoon short walks, because staying active is important for joint health. Instead of long, vigorous walks or strenuous play sessions, try short walks and gentle play sessions on soft ground such as grass or carpets.

3. Ever feed your dog Papaya? Adjust your Dog’s Food Contents

We all know there are certain foods that have naturally high anti-inflammatory properties. You should always consult with your veterinarian to ensure it is safe, but some options you can try adding are papaya, alfalfa, celery, or ginger (not sure how tasty all this is – but it is a fact)

4. Massage

You can help to relieve your dog’s stiff muscles and aching joints can also benefit your arthritic dog. You maybe didn’t know this but there are massage therapists that also work on dogs and holistic veterinarians who often offer this service to support. But you don’t only have to rely on a professional to do this – you can do this for your dog.

5. Spa Dog Therapy

Give your dog the Spa therapy treatment – a nice warm bath, and use the bubbles of your Natural Dog Shampoo to massage your dog’s body while he is in a calm state and pain free state. Be sure to lay some soft fabric on the bottom of the bath to give that extra comfort.

6. Every dog needs a good bed 

Whether your dog sleeps in his outdoor kennel or inside on the coach, a bad sleeping mattress can cause sore joints inflammation. So be sure your dog’s bed is designed for comfort and providing the right amount of cushion to relieve arthritis pain.

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