7 Important Tips for your Dog’s Physical and Emotional Well-Being when going to the Groomers!

Grooming is an important part of bonding with your dog, but every now and then it is great to send your dog to the groomer for a real pampering and bath treatment for their coat and skin. You can rest assured that your dog will leave the salon looking pampered and smelling fresh! But did you know there are a couple things you can do as a dog owner, to help make it a bit smoother for your dog and your groomer?

These 10 tips are not only important for your dog’s physical and emotional well-being but following them will make your groomer’s job a bit easier.

1. Preparation

There is nothing worse than getting mauled by someone else’s dog with their sharp nails! It is important to make sure your dog is comfortable with nail trimming and to do this before you drop your dog off at the groomer. Teaching your dog from when they are young is best, to allow people to touch their paws and not feel irritated or fearsome of the touch.

2. Start Grooming Early

Teaching puppies from when they are young the grooming habits they will become accustomed too as they grow up into an adult is easy – but teaching an old dog new trick can be somewhat difficult and traumatic at first. The benefit of starting this grooming routine from an early age is it actually makes it less likely to matt and reduces long term hair fall.

3. Regular Brushing

Just like a human, if you do not brush your hair regularly you when end up with knots and shedding dead hair. Same goes for your dog, it is important to brush your dog regularly with a Leave On Conditioner or Detangler to prevent any knotting or matting of the fur and to take away that excess fur that is on the coat (this will also reduce the amount of fur you will find in your home). For double coated dogs this is extremely important, as they have two layers that must be brushed otherwise you will be faced with matted fur, bad odor, and knots.

4. Groom Regularly

Furthermore, to brushing regularly you must maintain your dog’s health in all area’s – skin, nails, fur, dental, eyes, ears, and paws! Using a top notch dog shampoo, a brush suitable for your dog’s fur type, leave on conditioner, good quality nail trimmer, dental cleaners, eye & ear wipes and some paw balm can go a long way to supporting your dog’s healthy state.

5. Keep Calm and Carry On

Don’t be all flustered when dropping your dog off at the groomer. There is nothing worse than a dog full of anxiety because of the energy and state you left your dog in when you dropped him off at the groomers! Some dogs really have a hard time adjusted at the groomers because there are so many new scents, dogs barking, a lot of people your dog may not have met yet. Or even worse be the polar opposite and put your dog in an excited state this would also cause some issues for the other dogs nearby but for the groomer to keep your dog calm. So be sure to keep calm and carry on.

6. Bath often!

It is true, some people are uncertain or worried that if they wash their dog’s fur too often, it will start to dry out the skin. The truth is this is not a problem as long as you selected the right shampoo. Every dog breed has different grooming requirements to maintain a healthy and well-nourished coat;

  • Long, Coarse & Double Coats
    • Requires Keratin, Herbal Horsetail & Vitamin B5 to restore oils into the fur and skin, increase shine and fur strength.
  • Smooth & Silky
    • Requires Aloe Vera, Honey & Vitamin E to provide the basic nourishment to the fur and skin, to maintain a soft, smooth and silky feel to the fur.
  • Sensitive Skin
    • Requires a mild and low irritating shampoo with Chamomile, Honey & Comfrey to soothe and repair any irritations your pet may have from their environment, food intake or malnourished fur.
  • Young Pets
    • Requires Cinnamon, Lavender & Ginger to assist in a relaxing bathing experience and to provide nourishment for fur growth and a balanced skin pH.

7. Avoid Matting

The one way to avoid matting is to follow the 6 steps listed above because this can be a very serious issue once it reaches your groomer. Matted fur is very uncomfortable for dogs, it tugs on their skin, external pieces can be stuck inside and ticks can reside inside. Matted fur is in most cases difficult for the groomer to remove as it has to be cut and shaved off in small pieces!

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