Do You Need to Use Conditioner on Your Dog?

This is a frequently asked question when it comes to pet lovers grooming their dogs. Some ask, why would I need a conditioner application if I just shampoo’ed my pet – shouldn’t the shampoo achieve the soft and smooth feeling?

Well yes, if that shampoo has conditioning properties in it – otherwise it will do what a shampoo does, cleanses and removes everyday dirt that our pets collect throughout their playtime outdoors and even indoors. It is important to groom your dogs and ensure that they are free from any ticks, fleas, and parasites – so making grooming a daily exercise will not only give you peace of mind, but it will also give you and your dog some well deserved one on one time together.

After bathing your dog, it’s likely you now have more water on the floor and all over yourself than there ever was on your dog. So yes,  – why would you want to spend even more time on the job of bathing? This is where a leave-in Conditioner that you can apply after a bath (wet or dry coat) becomes very useful. Because a shampoo removes all the grime from your dog’s skin and coat but a side effect of this is leaving each fur ‘open’, where oils can escape and unwanted contaminants might enter. This can leave fur feeling dry and rough.

Also, all the brushing, scrubbing and drying that a good clean requires results in messy and tangled fur – no matter how gently you bath your dog. Using a mild & pH balanced conditioner repairs damaged fur, restores fur shine, prevents oils from leaving the fur and seals it against contaminants entering.

At the end of the day, using a conditioner results in a stronger, healthier, shinier looking and all around better coat. Using a conditioner after bathing is certainly better than never doing so.

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