History of Pet Grooming

In the recent years, Pet grooming has become more of a common practice in society, globally. Pet Lovers don’t even twice to spoil their pets with products that will nourish their fur, skin, and coat to give a fresh and professional groom, whether they take their pet to the pet salon or a luxurious bath at home. It is such a common connivance that many people forget the history of how and where it all began. If you look at the paintings of the Elizabethan era you will see pets portrayed in paintings that are well groomed and clean.  Who did the grooming?  Was grooming a pet an actual profession back then? Was the local barber responsible for pet care as well as cutting hair and medical responsibilities? At the local Lord or Lady have their hair cut alongside their pet.  There are actually paintings from that era that depict a dog being sheared while sitting on lady’s lap.

The truth of the matter is that as dog and cat breeds became popular in the 17th century, poodles in France received recognition for being the dog of the court. This entry also records that professional grooming parlors were open for dogs.  In 1879 Shaw wrote a book called The Book of the Dog.  This book made references concerning dog grooming in England and gave helpful hints of how to clean, groom, and keep your dog healthy.

As animals continue to be more a part of the family, best-friend, companion – pet lovers feel their pets deserve to be loved and nurtured. This means to provide them with grooming, a healthy nutritional diet, and a hygienic environment.

So next time you visit your local pet grooming expert, remember that they are not just a service, but they have been backed with centuries of expertise, refinement, and dedication to the art. The next time you drop off your animal to a pet grooming expert, remember your animal will be taken care of with pride and integrity.


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