How Often Should You Bathe a Dog?

Does your pet need a bath every week? A month? or none?

Well how often you should bathe your dog really depends on their breed – and lifestyle habits.

If your dog likes to spend most of their time outside, playing in the dirt running around the yard – in this case, you would generally expect to bath them around every one to three weeks. If your dog gets smelly in between, then a simple waterless solution can assist odour control and coat care.

If your dog is more of an indoor dog, and rarely gets dirty, they will require less regular baths. Every month is best suited, between coat conditioning to ensure fur is smooth and soft to touch.

If your dog is affected by the weather and their coat sheds and has a terrible stench. Then daily brushing and grooming are required, using a daily brush conditioner can make all the difference when remedying a smelly coat.

For dogs with double coats, such as Labradors, should really only be bathed every couple of months – this is the norm as most shampoo’s dry out and de-nourish the coat. Simbae’ Shampoo, has protective properties to ensure coat is deeply cleansed with added vitamins and minerals.

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