How to bathe your dog

Brush your dog’s coat: Brush your dog’s coat thoroughly to remove any mats before pup gets wet. If you don’t, the mats could get even worse and you maybe forced to cut them out.

Place a Rubber Mat at the Bottom of Tub: This will help preventing your dog from slipping.

Don’t fill tub with water: You don’t want your pooch splashing around in his own dirt. Instead of filling the tub, use a hose attachment to wet your pup with lukewarm water.

Shampooing: Use shampoo that’s designed specifically for your dog’s fur/skin type. Start by shampooing your dog’s neck and work your way down his body. Get a nice lather around your pup’s neck, back, legs and feet. Click here to learn more different ways to bathe your dog.

Be Careful Washing your Dog’s Face: Use washcloth to clean your dog’s face. Be very careful around the eyes and don’t get water in your pup’s ear.

Rinse Thoroughly: Before you turn off the bath water, make sure all of the soap is washed out of your dog;s coat.

Drying: First, towel dry your dog. If your pup has a short coat, let him air dry. If your pooch has longer coat, wait until his coat is lightly damp and them blow dry on the lowest setting. Be very careful to avoid burns.

Brush & Treat: Once your pooch has dried, brush his coat with Simbae’s Conditioner to make your dog’s coat smooth and to make sure that they aren’t any mats. Then reward your dog by giving a lot of praise and treats!

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