How to Dry a Dog After a Bath

After you have given your dog the best bathing with the best shampoo for their long haired, short haired, sensitive skin – then comes one of the most difficult tasks – drying. Depending on the dog, you may have to use a variety of methods to keep them still, hold on tight and wringle that water dry. Below are some ways to dry your dog, now each method will depend on the temperament of your dog, your bathing environment and how comfortable your dog is.

Towel Dry

Throwing a towel over your dog’s body is key – by doing so you can begin gently rubbing your dog’s fur with a dry towel to absorb the water and moisture from their skin. This is important to ensure their coat is dry and that the day you choose to bath and shampoo your dog long coat, short coat, puppy, or sensitive skin dog it is a warm sunny day, that way the remaining wetness can be dried naturally.

Blow Dryer

Because every dog is different–not only in coat type, loud noises may frighten your dog. Some dogs just love the blow dryer method – the wind in their hair, the way the dryer feels on their coat. If so, then you are lucky your dog will be a breeze to dry. Not all dogs like the blow dryer.

Air Dry

Now this is a common way for drying dogs, but what most people don’t know is this is not really the recommended method for drying a dog. It can cause fungus growth, and if you have a long hair dog it may be the cause of fur matting and skin problems. The only time this would be the right method for drying, is if your dog is prone sensitive skin dog, because towel drying or heat from the dryer would only cause more irritation.

Happy Hoodies!

One way to ensure your dog isn’t frighten is to use the Happy Hoodie – it is like a scarf and hat put together – blocking sound so you can blow dry your dog’s coat without the stress. This little hoodie, stretches over your dog’s head and covers his ears.

Glove Dry

There is a new glove that acts as a hand towel – it like a mitt made cloth for drying pet coats. It is made from Microfiber which dries pets fur five times more than a normal towel!

One thought on “How to Dry a Dog After a Bath

  1. Harper Campbell says:

    Bath time is an exciting but difficult time for our German Shepherd, and we are trying to find new ways to help make it easier on all of us. I like the idea of being able to use a blow dryer to actually get him dry, and I think it would be something that he will enjoy. This is something that we will have to try the next time we have to give him a bath.

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