How to Guide for Pet Bathing

Grooming your pets is a must, and although sometimes it is far from relaxing for your pets for many reasons there are some solutions that you can make it a great experience for both of you. Grooming minimizes shedding, keeps your pet’s coat healthy, reduces infections, and bacteria.

Common Mistake’s Most Pet Owners make are;

  • Water Temperature
  • Loud & Fast Running Water
  • Wrong Shampoo
  • Rough Brushing
  • Quick Drying

Wrong Water Temperature

Luke warm water is the best temperature for your dog – by making the water too hot or too cold you will make your dog feel uncomfortable and harm them unconsciously.

Solution: Spray the nozzle on your skin first – the water should be only warm enough to ensure your pet doesn’t feel cold while they are standing.

Loud & Fast Running Water

The sound of loud running combined with a fast and hard water pressure – will most certainly scare and make your pet feel anxious. Also, a full bath tub with water is a definite no – your pet doesn’t require a full water bath.

Solution: There are a couple of solutions, one would be to have a soft spraying nozzle onto your bath tub or hose – this will ensure a soft evenly spread of water will come out and wet your pets’ fur. The other solution would be to place your hand between the water and the body of your pet – softening the water pressure further until your pet’s entire coat is wet.

Wrong Shampoo

Using human or baby shampoo on your pet is not ok – there is a misconception that using a human or baby shampoo is totally fine but most people forget that pets skin have a different pH level than human or baby skin – and all this will do is dry out your pet’s skin and may cause irritations in the long term.

Solution: Look for brands that are specifically formulated for cats and dogs, follow the directions of use for shampooing on the label. Aloe Vera & Vitamin E based shampoos are a gentle option for short haired, soft & white fur. Keratin, Horsetail Plant & Vitamin E based shampoos are perfect for increasing fur shine and reducing shedding for long haired, thick and coarse coats. If your pet has sensitive skin, be sure you have a mild and pH balanced solution with Chamomile & Honey shampoo, be sure to test the shampoo on a small part on the back of his leg first, and then look for any signs of irritation a couple days before a bath.

Rough Brushing

This one is a very common mistake – did you know that you should brush your pet before you bath them? Why, you may ask. Brushing can be painful and uncomfortable if there are mats or knots in your pet’s fur – and this only causes discomfort to your pet having to sit there while you stress out trying to pull those tangles out.

Solution:   The answer is simple you don’t want to clog up your drains with a thick clog of fur and it just makes the whole bathing experience much easier for you without having to deal with loose excess fur falling off. Regular brushing is important even after a bath – it removes any trapped fur and reduces matting and knotting after the fur dries. Using a Detangler while brushing will not only keep your pet’s coat shinier and tangle-free but also keep him cleaner between baths.

The most common double coat breeds have this issue more than any other (such as Labradors Retrievers and German Shepherds. So, consider brushing them while you are shampooing them to get rid of any fur trapped in their undercoat. Only other breeds this is not a good idea, as it will only create matting.

Quick Drying

There is nothing worse than finishing a bath and having no towel in sight – your pet has had just about enough of you and your handling, so they are ready and looking for their next escape and the last thing you want is a drenched pet running and slipping all throughout your home!

Solution: Always be prepared, have a couple of towels on the floor and a one ready to dry your pet thoroughly by pressing down on their fur and soaking up all the water – do a moderate towel dry. Doing this on a sunny day is best because your pet can sit in a sunny spot and feel warm again.

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