How to Improve the Bond between Human & Dog

A survey conducted by Mikki of over 200 dogs found that grooming improves the bond between human and dog, so it is important to make grooming an essential part of your dog’s coat care. Dogs have a huge variety of coat types from rough, wiry, short and long haired, silky and fine fur.

Benefits of Grooming your Dog

  • Reduces Shedding and Removes Tangles
    Whenever you are brushing out the excess hairs, this makes the shedding process quicker and ends up in the brush or comb than all over your furniture. An easily tangled or muddy coat can irritate your dog and lead to scratching so removing excess skin and dirt’s, working through tangles often and airing the coat can make your dog more content and stop any itch-scratch cycles before they start.
  • Keeps your Dog Looking Good
    Your dog will take assurance in how you show love and care for him and introduce to him to friends or other dogs.
  • Better Coat Condition
    Keeping your dog well-groomed makes his fur softer to stroke and can decrease oily residues in his coat.
  • A Means of Checking your Dogs Health
    A regular grooming session is a chance to check your dog’s fur, coat, skin and any unusual lumps or bumps to make sure he’s healthy. It is a perfect time to look for signs of ticks, wounds, dirty ears and eyes as well as evaluating your dog’s body condition.

As a basic guide, the following grooming tools include the following: comb, brush, scissors, conditioning and detangling spray, ear and eye cleaners, grooming rug or mat.

  • Bristle Brushes
    Bristle brush can be used on most types of coats.
  • Pin Brushes
    Pin Brush are best for medium to long coats and curly coats
  • Slicker Brushes
    Slicker brush will smooth down the coat after the grooming session.
  • Rakes
    A Rake can be a great tool for double coated dogs as they are designed to penetrate through the overcoat and remove debris and loose hairs from the undercoat. They can also help with detangling knots and matted sections.
  • Combs
    A Combs will also work on small specific areas to gently tease out mattes and tangles and around sensitive areas like ears and the mouth. It’s important to get the right teeth length for the comb, to make sure it’s effective in the right area and for the right size of the dog.
  • Grooming Gloves
    A grooming glove is for soft coats or de-shedders for coarser or longer haired dogs are the ultimate tools for dogs that shed. These will gently remove the dead hairs from the undercoat and leave behind the healthy growing overcoat.
  • Detangling Sprays
    A detangling spray is best applied early in the process where they can help to soften any matted hair before trying to rake or comb through. Simbae’s detangling spray has Keratin and Horsetail as it assists to reduce hair breakage and increase shine naturally.
  • Coat Conditioners
    Finishing a grooming session with Simbae’s coat and skin conditioning spray will often increase the depth of coat shine and provide nutrients directly to his skin. Simbae’s conditioner is one that is fragranced for daily use and uses ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for the most skin benefits for your dog.

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