How to Make Grooming Relaxing for Old Dogs

As your pets get older, they tend to need a little bit of extra love and care as grooming can become quite a stressful event for them. It is normal for most dogs to start having some health issues which make it problematic for them to stand for hours or in a position of discomfort.

It is best to ensure your senior dog is in a comfortable state, whether it be emotional, physical or mental. They should be calm and in a position, that allows them to move and not hurt themselves.

There are three things you can do to make grooming the best experience possible;

No one knows your dog better than YOU

This means you know what your dog likes and dislikes, what bothers them or makes them feel uncomfortable, what scares them and the list goes on. Older dogs tend to have more of a moody emotional state, get irritated easier, have skin problems, issues to stand for long periods of time. So being the ever so gentle at-home groomer, just ensure you are being gentle and tolerant of the behavior of your dog – support your dog in a way which makes them relax and in a state of trust where you can provide the best care for your dog, and they know it too.

Body Massage

There are many ways you can give your dog therapy for his body and mind. A simple method is through gentle massaging of their limbs, this can be achieved when brushing your dog’s coat, simply spray Simbae’s Leave on Conditioner which will provide fur and skin benefits without the bath – this is perfect to use as an alternative to bathing as it can be somewhat difficult to do so. Simply brush overcoat and move your pet’s body while gently combing through his fur.

Relaxation Bath Time

Another method is through a bath – temperate warm water with relaxing soft sounds! Ensure you place a thick towel at the bottom of the bath so that your senior dog has no issues with slippery grounds. The water level should cover just up to their stomach and allow them to be able to lay down comfortably in the water. This should be a slow bath, wash their fur and coat with a calming shampoo, no need to rush let your dog relax and the weight of their body drift into the water. Senior dogs should be first towel dried and then fluff dried.

Being an at-home groomer can be a fabulous experience because grooming is proven to enhance the bond between owner and pet – and it truly gives you warm fuzzy feelings when you can take care of your greatest companion. As such if your senior dog comes to the stage where shampoo & baths are out of the question – then a dry bath solution is the way to go. All dogs deserve to feel clean and look beautiful – so as a dog owner, ensure your dog is happy always.

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