How to Reduce Shedding Through Grooming?

To answer the age-old question as to why do dogs shed fur? It is a natural lifecycle of dogs losing old or damaged fur by shedding. It is a normal process, however, the amount of, fur that is shed often depends on their breed type and health. It usually occurs by season as many breeds furs develop a thick coat in the winter time and then shed’s it in the spring time.

There is a simple solution for how to reduce shedding and it is through grooming;

  • Brush your dog’s coat as often as you can. Grooming helps to remove the loose and excess fur, which means you will catch most of the fallen fur and bring the natural skin oils back into your dog’s coat.
  • Use de-shedding brush/rake. This would be the best choice for a brush type.
  • Use a Long Hair Shampoo, with Keratin as this is the best ingredient when it comes to fur restoration, increase fur shine, and reduce fur breakage.

But, how do you control your dog’s loose fur? You can control by using a blow dry after bathing your dog! Make sure it is in cold or warm air temperature. As the coat dries out, start brushing your dog’s coat, lightly spray a waterless Leave-On Conditioner for extra-long coat care and protection preferably with Keratin. Be sure to brush from skin outward, making sure to collect as much of the fur as you can.

Want to know the TOP 5 DOG BREEDS that shed the most?

#1 – German Shepherd
The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds across the globe. But did you know they have a “blowing coat”? This means two times a year they completely shed their whole fur coat, this is called seasonal shedding – typically you will see them shedding throughout the year leading up to them blowing coat.

#2 – Labrador Retriever
Yes, it is true the Labrador Retriever is the world’s most favourite dog. They have a rather short coat that is made up of fine but strong fur strands. It has been bred into them as they are water retrievers, so their thick coat keeps them warm and dry.

#3 – Akita
You may have heard of them, they are widely popular in Japan. Since they originate from the mountainous counties, they have a very thick coat to keep them warm. Although the coat is referred to as a short-haired coat, it is surprisingly a thick double layered coat that is constantly shedding.

#4 – Welsh Corgi
The famous Corgi is very well known for shedding from their tail. Although they are a smaller sized breed, they have what is called a double coat which sheds all year round – a constant grooming routine needs to be implemented by pet parents.

#5 – Chow Chow
The most loved Chow Chow is a daily shedder! This breed originates from North China – due to the humidity these dogs have a volumized fur coat, that requires a daily grooming remedy – such as a waterless conditioner to assist in keeping the fur nourishing and shiny.

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