How To Teach Your Puppy To Enjoy Grooming

Grooming a puppy can be loads of fun – they have the all-natural ability to make you smile with every brush stroke. Puppies who love to see their owner pull out the hair brush and having their coat brushed turn into well-mannered dogs who look fabulous and love spending time with their pet parents.

Like any young puppy, they must be trained – as the saying goes, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks! So, some behaviors must be taught as they are not yet instinctive yet – so while they are fresh and eager to learn it is beneficial to begin teaching your puppy good grooming habits early on.

Teaching a puppy is regardless of breed, size, coat type, or brush type – they are very impressionable in the first few months of their lives – they will respond positively to your actions and gestures to make them feel safe and confident in the environment you have provided them.

Conditioning a puppy to accept grooming is an important part of the human and pet bonding experience – it allows you as the owner to gain the puppies confidence and respect as their companion, friend, parent, and partner in crime.

Simple exercises you can do;

  • Examine inside and around his ears
  • Check his eyes
  • Gently hold his paws
  • Caress his belly
  • Stretch his legs
  • Look in between his toes

At first your puppy may be a bit fidgety or object – but remain calm and allow your puppy to express themselves while being affirmative and assertive in your manner. Always give rewards such as little food treats and snacks for their good behavior.

Grooming young puppies by breed and coat type requires some research into what is required to maintain a healthy and nourished coat.

Shorthaired puppies, like Chihuahua’s, Labradors, Beagles, and so on, require minimal grooming of a bath every month and an in between bath day’s Leave On solution. For weekly brushing – it is best to use a short bristle brush to remove the dead fur from the coat.

Longhaired puppies, like Shih Tzu’s, Poodles, Chow Chow’s, and so on require a more extensive grooming routine to maintain as they have issues of needing a long hair Detangler to resolve knotted and matted fur, regular brushing with a Leave On solution to give shine to the coat, and they are very useful in keeping long coats tangle-free. A good shampoo with will ensure your dog’s fur is growing healthy and strong, meaning less hair fall! For daily or every second day brushing – a slicker brush is more suitable as it is more gentle and soft on your dog’s fur skin and coat, use in combination with a metal comb to separate the fur and ensure there is no matting.

So remember, when bathing any puppy make sure you have purchased the right shampoo for them – do not use human shampoo’s as the pH level is different for dogs and may result in dry skin. A tearless puppy shampoo is perfect because it is gentle, non-irritating and safe for your puppy to bath in.

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