How to use Simbae Shampoo & Conditioner on your dog

In general, most breeds will need a few basic tools to keep their coat and skin in great shape. Brushes, combs, shedding or stripping tools, dematting tools and nail trimmers come in various sizes and types and have specific purposes. Just as Simbae offers personalized systems for bathing your dog, different coat types will need different styles of tools. Choosing quality grooming tools designed specifically for dogs is very important to the health of the coat and skin, and they are easier to use than adapted ‘human’ brushes and combs – which can actually be inappropriate for your dog’s coat and skin.

Setting Up for Success

Often dreaded as a labor intensive chore which neither the dog nor the owner enjoys, bathing your dog can actually be a positive experience for both. And the end result should be a reward to both as well. The key to hasslefree bathing is having the proper facilities. The best option is a raised tub with a dog friendly designed water nozzle. These are easy to attach in any standard tub/shower combo unit. We also recommend using a rubber mat on the bottom of the tub to help make your dog feel more secure and less likely to slide.

Bathing Basics

The water temperature should be warm and comfortable to your own skin. Not as hot as you like it, but not cold either. There are two ways I like to starts bathing my dogs, First, wet their coat, starting at the back of the neck and working down the spine toward the tail. Or, starts by placing your hose/head shower on their chest, for them to feel relax and also for them to know that you mean no harm.

Heavily coated dogs will take longer to wet and rinse. Once the body coat is soaked, wet the head taking care to not get the water in the eyes, nose or ears.  First massage Simbae Shampoo evenly onto your hands before massaging it into the dog’s skin with your fingers. Starting at the back of the neck in a similar pattern as wetting the dog. It is during the second application that we recommend letting the product sit on the coat for a few seconds. This will allow our ingredients to absorb into the hair and skin.

Once the few seconds are up, be sure to thoroughly rinse all traces of shampoo from the coat. Leaving even small amounts of shampoo in the coat is the number one cause of skin irritation in dogs. This will be specific to your dog’s individual coat care needs. Conditioners are typically used to protect the hair from damage caused by styling tools and products as well as environmental factors and to help loosen tangles. Squeeze out as much water as possible while the dog is still in the tub. You can then towel dry the coat before carefully removing your pet from the tub. Depending on your breed, you may need to use a specifically designed dryer to help dry the coat completely.

Drying Basics

There are probably as many different drying techniques as there are breeds of dogs. The easiest and most popular is towel drying followed by air drying. Simply use your hands to gently squeeze out as much water as your dog will let you. For most coated dogs it is not recommended to scrub the coat with the towel. This will cause tangles and damage or breakage to the hair itself. If this is all the effort it takes to dry your particular dog it is at this time that we recommend Simbae Conditioner

With dogs who is not familiar to baths, Simbae suggest using  Simbae Conditioners for the beginners for them to get the habits of being wet. And make sure that when you’re about to spray the Conditioners on them, have yourself relax and calm, for example, talk to them like how you normally talk to them on daily basis

You’re positive attitude and assertive manner is key.

For breeds that require a forced air dryer or stand dryer you still want to start by using the above methods followed by using the dryer. These types of dryers can frighten some dogs, and we don’t recommend using these products.

Once your dog is freshly cleaned and dry, the gentle, natural ingredients in Simbae products will leave your pets skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh.

Most important of all, they will feel that you love to look after them.

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    1. SIMBAE says:

      All of Simbae’s Shampoo are specifically made to be safe to use on dogs, even those who are a little bit more sensitive. In your case, I would recommend our Sensitive Skin Shampoo, as it is for pets who are prone to skin allergies.

      In the case of you feeling unsure when trying a different pet shampoo, use a small pump of Simbae’s Sensitive Skin Shampoo combined with a bucket/tub of tempered warm water and do a patch test on their leg/arm/belly bathing your dog gently using the palm of your hand. See the results. In the case you are still feeling unsure, consult with your doctor/vet prior to gain their advice 🙂

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