Steps on how to Remove Mats or Burrs

Yes, it is true knots, tangles and burrs are common for those pets that spend time outdoors off the beaten path or even some breeds this is a common problem that needs to be nurtured and requires frequent grooming.

The issue with mats, is that pull on the skin and become even tighter when wet or can form when a dog licks, scratches his skin and fur. The first step to remedy the problem is to use a special tool known as the mat splitter.

You begin by cutting off matted and tangled clumps of fur and to remove burrs wedged into the undercoat. Be careful when doing so as you must avoid nicking the skin, it is very important to only cut out a mat with scissors if you can slide a comb between the mat and the skin; a useful hack is to carefully cut over the comb to ensure you do not cut the skin. You may also use a Detangler to spray on the mat and burrs to assist in the removal of tangled fur and to ensure you restore your pet’s fur.

Some dogs simply love it or some hate it, but it is essential to maintain a frequent grooming routine if your pet does suffer from mats and burrs. They can be quite painful if left for too long.

  • You can begin by grooming your dog and brushing his fur after mats and burrs have been removed.
  • Be prepared for your dog’s occasional wet shake-off during the bath, so be sure to not be wearing your so called good clothes!
  • If the weather is warm outside, treat your dog to an outdoors bath saves you having to clean up a soaking bathroom afterward.
  • Fill the tub or wash basin with warm water before you start. The water should reach to just past his calves or lower. (Or, for outside bathing, you can simply use a hose.)
  • Using a sponge, lather him up using a natural dog shampoo that is specific for your dog’s needs, such as long hair to increase shine and restore dull coats, or a sensitive skin pet requires something a little bit more mild with healing properties – or if your pet is just plain fabulous and enjoy a good bath then use an all-purpose shampoo that provides the essential grooming needs of cleansing, softening and freshening your dog’s coat.
  • Be sure to work the shampoo into his fur from head to tail. Keep the warm, soapy water away from his mouth.
  • Rinse him off, then shampoo him again for a more thorough clean. Be sure to completely rinse his coat of any residue.
  • Towel him dry.

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