Tips for Grooming Long Haired Dog Breeds

Being an owner of large dogs, keeping them well groomed is a very important part of taking care of your dog. It does require time, effort and work but it is also the number one way to increase the bond between owner and dog – here are some special grooming tips specifically about how to groom long-haired dog breeds.


Large dogs are beautiful beastly creatures – but how will you get and keep all that fur clean? Keeping large dogs groomed is important for their health and requires regular grooming, as they have issues such as shedding, matting, knotting and objects getting caught in their long fur! Frequent fur brushing (several times per week) is one of the best things you can do for your dog!


The added challenge for some large dogs is that they have a double coat, making bath time twice the challenge. It is best to speak with your vet and a skilled groomer to teach you techniques that are best suited to your breed of dog.

This makes it difficult to really get the soap into their fur and to ensure that you rinse it out completely, so using a pH balanced, mild shampoo that can be pumped onto the fur and watered down with some water – rather than one big glob of shampoo on their coat, as it tends to be difficult to spread.


Bathing can be difficult if your large dog doesn’t even fit in the bathtub! Which means you have to bath them outside when it is a sunny day and train them to stay in that one spot rather than run around while you’re chasing them with the hose and a shampoo bottle!  for large dogs because they may not fit in your bathtub! It is best to train your dog to behave during his bath times, so you both can enjoy the experience. Se sure to brush your dog thoroughly before a bath to remove matted fur before they get wet. Make sure that you use dog shampoo (human shampoo is too harsh for dogs) and if needed, dilute it with water before massaging into your dog’s fur. Two rounds of diluted shampoo will be easier to wash out than one thick round. It’s important to rinse out all the shampoo because leaving the shampoo on your dog’s skin can lead to irritation.


Some large dogs take all day to fully dry out their fur so they may need some help to speed up the drying process. It is a great idea to use a leave on conditioner here to make your dogs coat super soft and fluffy! You can start with a towel, but you may need to pull out the hairdryer, but make sure it is on the cool setting—if too hot you may burn or heat up your dog’s skin too much!

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