Tips for Grooming your Doggy!

Grooming is highly essential to a healthy dog. Most think grooming is about only washing them, however, there are more steps to complete the grooming process. If regular grooming isn’t part of your routine your dog can suffer from these issues which can give them long-term problems:

  1. Nails that are too long can shift your dog’s posture and cause structural problems
  2. Teeth that have never seen a brush, will be lost
  3. The matted coat could require your dog’s fur to be shaved, and depending on the breed this could also harm your dog.

Follow these tips to prevent any Nails, Teeth & Coat Matting for your dog!


There are many different styles and sizes that clippers come in. It is important to check in with your vet to see which will be the most suitable for your breed of dog. Another option, which can be expensive, is an Electric Nail Grinder. They are known to less likely to cut the sensitive vein inside the nail. Always get the vet to show you how its done before your first time! They may even have some great tips to share with you.

Coat Care

You need to provide coat care for your dog, this can be easily achieved by simply brushing their coat daily or a couple times every week with a waterless conditioner. Why is brushing so important? It removes dead hair, reduces shedding and allows the fur to grow healthy. Without regular grooming, a dogs coat can become matted causing discomfort and some cases become harmful to remove from your dog’s coat.


Always best to use a vet-approved cleaning solution, however in some, you can use a cotton ball dipped in mineral or baby oil to keep the dogs inner and outer ear clean and dry. Be mindful on your dog’s breed as some dogs such as Great Danes who require frequent ear cleanings over other breeds because the air doesn’t circulate as freely. Great Danes often suffer from waxy bacteria debris that builds under the flaps. If you have a floppy eared dog who loves water, make sure you continuously dry their ears to ensure they don’t suffer from the build-up.


Dogs often require their eyes cleaned, however, dogs that have wrinkled faces require even more attention such as the bulldog. All that is required, is a warm wet cloth and gently wipe and clean the lids around the eyes.

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