Tips on How to Groom a Double Coated Dog

Popular dog breeds such as German Shepherd and Golden Retrievers have a double coat of hair. A doubled coated hair requires regular grooming, here are a couple of things you maybe did not know about double coats and some tips on how to care and groom your double coat breed.

Summer Time Shedding

Whether your dog is an indoor or outdoor pet, the natural shedding will happen – due to the change of weather winter or raining season to warm temperatures. During the colder periods, you would have noticed that your dog’s coat grew nice and thick to keep your dog warm – it may leave you somewhat frustrated in the warmer months as their shedding is inevitable.

Regular Bathing & Brushing

There is a simple way to handle dogs who tend to shed their fur excessively. Bathing will help to remove the loose hair, be sure to use a Dog Shampoo with Keratin, as this is the best natural ingredient for restoring natural oils back into the hair and decreasing hair fall. Regular brushing will assist to remove the hair that it perhaps dead but still clinging onto the coat. Gently brush your dog, make it an enjoyable experience for the both of you – a rake or slicker brush is best for long hair dogs as they can go under the top layer and groom thoroughly.
The best practice would be to use a Dog Conditioner Leave on with Keratin to ensure your dog’s coat receives the nourishment for fur to grow back healthy and shiny. Simply spray on the coat and brush – don’t brush too hard otherwise you may cause discomfort for your dog. The leave on application is great because it is used in between bath days and is a waterless solution!

Shedding Requires Grooming

It is important to care and provide nourishment for your dog who tends to shed their coat. If left unmaintained your dog could start to suffer from matting and knotting which will then result in skin-pulling brushing. Furthermore, if your dog is always outdoors, they may get bugs, dirt, fleas, and ticks caught inside. So be sure to provide daily brushing and conditioning for your double coated dog to remove dead and shedding hair.

So, there you have it – be sure to know when your dog requires extra coat care during seasonal times of the year. Use products for the intended purposes of double coat care, which is Dog Shampoo & Conditioners with Keratin. Regular grooming is required for double coated dogs, to ensure they are dirt, flea and tick free!

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