Why do cats cough up hair balls? Its not what you think

We all know hairballs are something that almost every cat will contend with at some point in its life. They can be gross and when a cat is coughing one up, it can be alarming for pet owners.

Are Hairballs Common?

Yes, within reason. Cats always groom themselves by licking their fur and this constant preening causes them to swallow loose hair.

The hair usually goes right through the cat’s gastrointestinal tract and comes out in the stool. But occasionally hair collects in the cat’s stomach and forms into hairballs.

That’s when the hacking and heaving occurs, resulting in a regurgitated fur mass on the floor. Cats do feel better after they get rid of a hairball so it is nothing to be worried about.

Repeated coughing usually brings up cat hairballs and it’s not uncommon for cats to pass a hairball after eating their food or kitty grass.

How to Reduce Hairballs?

  • Brush your cats coat often to take away the excess or loose fur that your cat is licking off
  • Use a Daily Coat Conditioner to keep your cats coat healthy and increase shine
  • You can try Hairball gel or paste contains mineral oil or petroleum jelly because that is not absorbed in the system and therefore helps lubricate so the hairball will pass easily. It should not be given with food therefore, so it won’t interfere with normal nutrition.

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