Your Ultimate Grooming Routine for Growing Kittens

Isn’t better to have a cat who enjoys being groomed, versus a cat that doesn’t? The best way to start a grooming routine is at the earliest age possible so that grooming your kitten becomes somewhat of a normal experience for them and they begin to trust you more in the process.

Their first experience is very important as they are introduced to each step of the coat care experience and it can be a big difference in whether kittens will enjoy or feel scared by it. For example, loudly turning on the water wish a gushing sound may frighten the kitten and make them feel scared every time they hear this sound.

By using two small buckets of warm water, one for bathing with a safe kitten shampoo and another for rinsing will start their first water experience in a calm and relaxing manner. Kittens are very sensitive in their first couple of months, as they are experiencing new sight, smell and touch senses.

Kittens nail trimming is perfect to do when they are very young – a weekly routine of trimming their nails not only will it reduce furniture scratching but ensure their nails don’t get caught on the carpet or anything else for that matter. It is also perfect to ensure you don’t get scratches during their shampoo & bathing experience. This is one of the more difficult tasks for a cat owner, as it is hard to keep your cat still for that long and to not hurt them in the process. So, starting this earlier and getting them used to this process is priceless.

Kitten Grooming Tools

Some excellent tools for grooming maintenance include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Flea comb (for parasite removal)
  • Soft bristle brush (to distribute natural oils)
  • Soft-pin slicker brush (for the cheeks, tail, and paws)
  • Rubber curry brush (for de-shedding)
  • Cat-sized claw trimmer (choose from scissor or guillotine styles)
  • Soft cotton gauze pads (for eye secretions and ear cleaning)
  • Safe Kitten Shampoo (SLS free, paraben free, specially for kittens)
  • Safe Kitten Leave On Conditioner & Brush Spray (SLS free, paraben free, specially for kittens)

Let’s start Grooming!

Every cat breed requires a different kind of grooming need, with slight variations depending on their breed, coat type, coat length and the environment.

Always pick a time when your cat is most relaxed or well rested – this way you approached them when they were in a calm state, Begin by spraying a safe leave-on kitten conditioner on the palm of your hand, and start to stroke along the head down to the tail. From here begin to brush with either a bristle or slicker brush and ensure your cat is feeling good, you will hear their roaring purr start to come up.

A simple cleaning of the ears with soft cotton, with a drop of warm water or oil, to wipe away any dirt and oils that creep in.

A kitten doesn’t stay a kitten for very long – so be sure to take this opportunity to teach and nurture your kitten with an enjoyable grooming experience. A kitten who enjoys grooming early on tends to mature into a laid back, happy to touch and easy for vets to the exam!

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