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Most Loved Dog Breeds

Each pet breed as a unique quality, but what is the most loved quality? and you wont believe, the number one most loved dog breed has been number one for almost 12 years straight! Can you guess who…
Find out why these furry creatures are in the top 10 – find out their origins, personality, skill sets, exercise & grooming needs!



Breed – Dachshunds
Origins – Germany in the 1600’s
Personality – Dachshunds are lovable, playful companions. Making them an ideal dog for the home & family.
Exercise – They require moderate exercise, and can adapt to most living environments. Depending on their coat type, Dachshunds may need regular grooming.
Skills – Badger hunter and family companion.
Grooming – Dachshunds exhibit three coat varieties: smooth coat (short hair), long hair, and wire-hair. They need regular grooming to maintain a healthy coat. (have a Dachshund, need grooming products?) 

Germany-Rottweiler (NEW)

Breed – Rottweiler
– Germany, unknown period.
Personality – A strong and powerful breed, they have a long history of working dogs due to their intelligence and obedience they have become well known as great protectors towards their homes and loved ones. Highly protective, for which strangers must be introduce properly.
Exercise – Needs daily exercise, obedience and socialization training are musts.
Skills – Guard dog, cattle driver, Guide & Service dog, Search and Rescue dog.
Grooming – Short, hard, thick and straight coat. Low maintenance – with increased shedding over seasonal periods. (have a Rottweiler, need grooming products?)

Germany-Poodle (NEW)


Dog Breed – Poodle
– Germany, then standardized in France.
Personality – Are easily adaptable into any sized space or home – they are typically reserved with strangers upon first introduction, slowly though they will reveal their warm and personable disposition with a jolly sense of humor.
Exercise – Super active breed, requires daily exercise. They have been known for their agility, obedience, tracking, and even herding.
Skills – Water retriever.
Grooming – Unlike other dogs, Poodles have a single layered coat, that is hypoallergetic – instead of the fur shedding off, it becomes tangled in the surrounding hair. High maintenance grooming is required.  (have a Poodle, need grooming products?)

England-Yorkshire-Terriers (NEW)


Breed – Yorkshire Terriers
– England
Personality – Yorkshire Terriers ‘Yorkies’ are easily adaptable to all surroundings, travel well and make suitable pets. Being quite active, very overprotective, curious, loving attention these pets are more for an older generation.
Exercise – Little exercise, more social interactions with human’s and other dogs.
Skills – Companion, ratter.
Grooming – High Maintenance; glossy, fine, straight, and silky. There long coat requires brushing. (have a Yorkshire Terrier, need grooming products?)

England-Bulldogs (NEW)


Breed – Bulldog
 – England
Personality – Excellent family pets because of their tendency to form strong bonds with children. They tend to be gentle and protective.
Exercise – Bulldogs are the non-sporting dog, which means minimal exercise – a walk is a great way to keep them fit though! Their short nose makes them prone to overheating in warm weather, so make sure to provide a shady place to rest.
Skills – Family companion.
Grooming – Short, flat, and sleek which requires minimal grooming. (have a Bulldog, need grooming products?)

Britain - Beangles (NEW)


Breed – Beagles
Origins – 
Personality – Beagles are happy-go-lucky and friendly, making them a wonderful family pet. Since they lived in packs for hundreds of years, they naturally enjoy the company of other dogs and humans.
Exercise – They have a curious nature, they often follow their noses, so challenging them with daily activity will keep them out of mischief.
Skills – Rabbit/hare hunter, family pet.
Grooming – Short haired, hard coat of medium length. (have a Beagle, need grooming products?)

Scottish-Golden-Retriever (NEW)


Breed – Golden Retriever
– Scottish Highlands in the late 1800’s
Personality –  This breed is beautiful to look at with its striking golden coat shining, and alongside a friendly temperament owner’s will enjoy their companionship.
Exercise – Requires daily exercise, high active and energetic energy needs to be burned off in order to keep them feeling positive.
Skills – Devoted & Loyal companions, hunting dog.
Grooming – They have a water-repellent double-coat which sheds seasonally – this will require a good shampoo and they will need regular brushing. (have a Golden Retriever, need grooming products?)

Germany-German-Shepherd (NEW)


Breed – German Shepherd
– Karlsruhe, Germany in 1899
Personality – Energetic and fun-loving, the breed is very fond of children once a relationship is established. He is a loyal family pet and a good guard dog, the ideal choice for many families.
Exercise – These dogs are highly intelligent dogs, and they are well known for their almost detective like skill set, regular exercise for his physical and mental health is a must!
Skills – Herding, and Police Work
Grooming – With such a variety of types within this breed, their fur averages from fine short coat to a furry short coat. (have a German Shepherd, need grooming products?)

England-Labrador (NEW)


Breed – Labrador
– Newfoundland in the 1700’s and imported to England beginning the early 1800’s.
Personality – Labrador’s (Lab’s) thrive as being an active member of the family, or as a hunting companion. Their highly stable personality has instilled their place for the last 12 years as being the no. 1 owned pet breed.
Exercise – Lab’s have a high train ability score, combined with their even temperament, suitable for a variety of activities beyond hunting.
Skills – Outgoing and devoted companions, they are Water dogs, generally quite sporty.
Grooming – Smooth, short, dense and straight. They are a double coated breed that shed seasonally, so they require regular grooming to keep their coat’s at their water-resistant best. (have a Labrador, need grooming products?)

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