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A New Chapter for Chloè, the rescued cat

My family and I went out for a dinner on Friday night, to the local restaurant in Penang, Malaysia. At this restaurant, they happened to be a lot of cats and kittens hanging around. Some of the customers in the restaurant gave foods to the cats and some customers just ignore. But what really catches my attention was truly shocking and heart breaking.

I noticed some customers were kicking the cats and even kittens that are sitting under their chairs away from them. I saw this one kitten sitting under the plastic chair where a man was kicking her away, I felt very sad just by looking at what was happening. “That kitten must be only a months old or three” I thought to myself.

I wanted to do something, but I was too afraid to come close. I was very young, so I pointed it out to my family and my eldest sister who was sitting across me stood up from her chair and walk towards the poor little kitten and pick her up. My sister brought the little kitten over to our table and cover the little kitten with her cardigan. We later found out that the kitten is a female. Soon after, my family agrees to give her a better home. So, we decided to name her Chloe. I suggested the name “Chloè” from a game that I was so addicted to online. She wasn’t scared when we bring her home, she was purring.

The next morning, I could tell she was very happy but of course she was still very curious about her new home. But she got used to it. Chloè was once this little shy kitten who was being kicked and not taken care of into a confident and beautiful cat, although she still struggles with trusting strangers. she has come a long way, and it just goes to show how much a human can impact on a animals life, positively.

Chloè really warmed up to my mum, she started to have some bad habits as well like scratching the sofas, sitting on the table during suppertime, and being very playful during the morning, attacking me every time I get ready for school. But, that’s what all kittens do.

Chloè is very close to my mum, she doesn’t like when my mum gets upset with her, she close her eyes as if to say sorry, she sleeps next to my mum at night, and even though Chloè is very playful, she is an angel to us. She always makes us smile when she looks up to us with her beautiful green eyes and pink nose.

What does Chloè mean to me? I know it sounds weird but Chloè is my best friend, she knows all my secrets and whenever I feel sad or lonely, she gives me company and makes me feel better by purring besides me. I know Chloè won’t tell anyone my secrets, because that’s between me and her.

Rescue Cat Chloe - 2


Name: Chloè Janssen
Year of Rescued: 2011
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic
Fur Type: Long Haired and Smooth
Personality: Sweet little pumpkin. Loves food, any type of food. Playful.

Story Submitted by: Mercy Janssen

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