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Rescue Kitten : Hunter

On a Sunday afternoon Vanessa, noticed as she was leaving the office, a small little shape moving, it was towards the far end of the building outside. As she approached she seen this little kitten, she knelt down near him and he starting rolling around on the ground, with his belly up and started up a roaring purr to match his eagerness to be caressed. After having a quick look, Vanessa could see he was a male kitten – for sure only a couple of weeks old – so where was his mum?

About 10 minutes had past, and from around the corner his mum had arrived – sadly she was not interested in her little kitten, he was following her and she paid him no attention. Vanessa took it upon her entrance to leave as the mum cat and kitten alone. It was not until Monday morning, that Vanessa had arrived once more with the rest of the Simbae team to the office – when we all seen this little baby kitten sitting at the front door step – alone.

The entire day had past and the kitten continued to hang around the office, with no sign of his mum. The Simbae team continued to give him some cat food, and helped in cleaning his eye which was at the early stages of having conjunctivitis. He responded well to everyone who would go out and give him something. He was very adorable every time, rolling around, just wanting to be touched.

Three days had past, and we drawed upon the conclusion that this little kitten had been abandoned by his mum cat. We decided to keep him as another cat at the office, we already had two which were indoor cats – so we couldn’t bring him inside just yet until we made sure he was healthy and had all the right vaccines. So Jacob, built him a small little house, which he fell in love with straight away, he slept for hours on ends in his little bed.

By the end of the week – the Janssen family had come by to share in a Friday Lunch – everyone just could not get enough of this little guy, and so he was welcomed Home and loved by our youngest Simbae member – Grace, who would be his new mum.

Rescue Cat Hunter - 2



Gender: Male
Age:   ½ years old
Breed: Domestic
Fur Type: Average Length & Soft
Personality: Day = Wild, Night= Affectionate

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