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A New Chapter for Nubia, the rescued cat

From Oliver’s Point of View!
After I settled in my humans soon realised that I would like some company as I am a very playful little boy – This was when they went back to Celia Hammond to find me a friend and sister. Her name is Nubia.

When she first arrived she didn’t want me in her room so I behaved and gave her the space she needed. He kept hiding in this awesome looking box at first (why did I not notice that box before it looked perfect size for me!) But she soon realised that the humans and ME are good companions.

I even let her have the bed of the humans all by herself before joining them all again. But soon we both shared our favourite spots together! Watching juicy birds together… If only we could reach them and those furry nut eating things. I shall let her speak for herself in the future posts after all she is my little sister.



Gender: Female
Age: 1 year 10 months
Breed: Black British Short Hair
Fur Type: Short
Personality: Nubia is a cuddly friendly girl who is also very playful. She loves play time with her brother but gets upset if she gets pushed over (She has only got three paws due to a car accident as kitten hence why she feels insecure if she gets pushed over!) When it is dinner time she is cheeky and will beg for human food.


Marc is a very talented Cat Blogger all the way from United Kingdom. We have only recently meet him and Nubia – she may have only 3 paws, but she doesnt let that hold her back from connecting with Marc! She is beautiful & cuddly! Follow Marc and Oliver on his blog.

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