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Rules Of Selfies – Told By Our Pets

The “selfie” craze is officially unavoidable. Even our pets are jumping on the bandwagon! Here are some top tips from our favorite furry friends for how to capture the perfect selfie.

1. Down low is a no go – This is an unflattering angle for everyone. A rookie mistake! (Source)



2. Give some attitude for that added cool factor – Follow this guy’s lead with a too-cool-for-school squint. Bonus points for considering your background. (Source)



3. If you think you want to go for “cute”, tilt that head to the side – This little kitten has the “cuteness” thing down pat! (Source)


4. Use a filter to make those eyes pop! – Filters are a friend for everyone (they are the reason why your friends’ profile pictures always seem to look better than yours. (Source)


5. Make your selfie stand out by cropping your face at an unusual angle – The un-official sign of the expert-level selfie-taker. (Source)


6. You have to work to find your best angles – This guy is upside down, hanging off a couch. If that’s the angle that works, you will just have to commit! (Source)


7. Use props so people think you are doing something ridiculously fun – (Even if the reality is that you have just been asleep on the couch all day.) (Source)


8. If you feel silly taking photos of yourself, ease into it with a friend – But, choose your partner carefully. One of you will inevitably end up looking worse than the other. (Source)


9. Or make fun of the whole idea by pulling a silly face – If you are too cool for the selfie, then this is definitely the approach for you. (Source)


10. Finally, the ultimate goal is to try and get a selfie with a celebrity – It’s going to be hard to compete with Bo Obama and his selfie with the First Lady! Bo Obama. (Source)



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