Save a Pets Life Project

ACRES Singapore – Speak Up on Behalf of Animal Abuse

Simbae proudly partnered with Non-profit organization ACRES, which actively seek to provide animal protection for the wildlife throughout Singapore.


ACRES focuses on humane education as a key factor to raise awareness and empower people to be able to end animal cruelty within their own capacity. Our Education Team engaged more than 2,650 students last year on animal protection-themed projects education. We have conducted approximately 90 talks in the last year to companies and schools, reaching out to more than 18,500 people. On the average, ACRES rescues more than 300 wild animals per month, successfully releasing more than 1,500 animals in a year.

Why help animals?

Like us, animals have biological needs and experience pain, stress and discomfort. Many are intelligent and feel complex emotions like joy, happiness, depression, and distress. Studies show that they have family bonds and feel true compassion for each other. But what they can’t do is speak for themselves. So it is easier for people to use them purely as commodities and ignore their suffering. It is up to us human beings to give them a voice, speak up on their behalf and end their abuse.

ACRES Animal Programs

ACRES offers great programs for people to get involved and support the animals. Their Programs; 

Donate to ACRES

Simbae opposes animal testing and offers great product ranges of shampoos, conditioners, cleaning supplies and gift packs for the animals in your life. ACRES has partnered with Simbae for the Help Save a Pet’s Life Project.

Every sale, Simbae donates $2 to local pet charities & animal welfare shelters, so you can help by selecting ACRES as YOUR choice before checkout.

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