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OSCAS – Lend a Hand, Save a Paw

Simbae proudly partnered with Non-profit dog shelter in Pasir Ris OSCAS, which actively seek to rescue stray dogs from the streets and from being culled throughout Singapore.


In 2005, when the authorities announced that the land would be cleared to build a space for air shows, and the dogs would be culled, the women went to the Agri-Food Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) to persuade them against it and to give them time to clear the dogs from the area. Armed with help from SPCA and a rented kennel space from their current landlord, Ericsson Pet Farm, the ladies trapped 60 of the strays who became the first residents of Oasis.  Today, OSCAS continues to be a safe haven for the rescues, a place where Mary, Anita and our volunteers continue to give their hearts to the doggies as they await their forever homes.

About OSCAS Team

It all started in 2004 when two good friends, Mary and Anita, started stray feeding in Changi. Back then, when Changi was still a forested area, there used to be an old man on a bike with two pails of food for the dogs. When the old man disappeared sometime later in 2004, the two women, worried that the dogs deep in the jungle were not getting fed, decided to venture into the jungle to feed the dogs. Mary Soo, co-founder of Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter (OSCAS), shares how it was meeting the dogs for the first time.

2018 Calander

OSCAS as an inspiring collection of images with quotes of some of their dog’s Journey to Home. OSCAS dogs inspire us every day with their unique personalities and journeys, and through this calendar, they hope to inspire you too! To order email: [email protected]

OSCAS Programs

A total of more than 110 mongrels currently call this shelter home and needless to say, it can only be sustained with help from trusty volunteers and kind donations or sponsorships. They have five types of programs available;


Donate to OSCAS

Simbae opposes animal testing and offers great product ranges of shampoos, conditioners, cleaning supplies and gift packs for the animals in your life. OSCAS has partnered with Simbae for the Help Save a Pet’s Life Project.

Every sale, Simbae donates $2 to local pet charities & animal welfare shelters, so you can help by selecting OSCAS as YOUR choice before checkout.

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