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Training your Dog

Dog training is really hard. Through my pet sitting work, I have seen a lot of dogs who are trained very well and a lot who lack any training. Some dogs are able to do the basics such as sit, roll, run however in my experience of pet sitting there have been two dogs who stand out the most.

They listen to everything they are told, from eating, using the loo and not walking on the wet tiles after it has been mopped. It’s amazing to see how well dogs can be trained with a good owner who has the time, love and patience.

All it takes when training your puppies, or even your adult puppies is consistency, obedience and a stern voice. Training your dogs should never be an aggressive process. Positivity is a very important part of the training. Showing them lots of love and care is also vital. There are many obedience schools for puppies, so it’s very important to enrol them as soon as you can.

There are some factors that can make it difficult to train your puppy. One main factor is the breed. Some breeds of dogs are very quick to learn and succeed in their training, whilst some do struggle.

Here are some of the following difficult breeds to train:
• American Pit Bull Terrier – These dogs can be quite aggressive and very temperamental making them slightly difficult to train. This breed requires an owner with a lot of patience and time to train them.
• Bullmastiff – These dogs are a heavy breed, and tend not to get along with other dogs making them hard to teach whilst in obedience training school. Their owner would need to be able to have time and patience in training this dog.
• German Shepherds – These dogs are so beautiful however due to their large size, they can be difficult to control especially due to the fact that they have so much energy it can take quite a lot of pressure on the owner to train them.
• Siberian Husky – This breed can be a very timely job for those who don’t have the time. Huskies are working dogs so they require a lifestyle that keeps them active, and a lot of training because without the training, and a boring life they can act out leading to a very difficult dog.
• Chow Chow – This breed loves attention, and so it should with looks like that. However due to this attitude they can be quite stubborn, attention driven and jealous. They will become quite aggressive when meeting new people or other pets. This breed is a difficult breed to have due to its extensive training.
• Rottweiler – This breed of dog can be a very dangerous dog if in the hands of the wrong owner. If poorly trained, the good skills that this dog possesses will be ruined by its very hostile behavior. This breed requires constant and a very proactive type of training and a strong owner who has the time and love.
• Chinese Shar-Pei – Don’t fool yourself into thinking they are as sweet as their fluffy rolls look. They can be rather violent towards new visitors and pets. This breed requires a lot of work and an owner who has the time to work with them.
As you can see, owning a pet is a huge responsibility. Just like we teach our children to have manners and talk to people with respect, eat with their mouths closed and to clean their rooms. With animals it’s the same, the only difference is the way we train them. It’s very important to understand having a pet comes with its good points, but also the tough points. Always train your dogs to be loving and not aggressive, there are too many owners out there teaching their pets the wrong thing which then lead to children being bitten and other animals getting hurt.

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