From every sale, we will make a $2 donation to a pet charity. Your loving donation helps make an immediate, lifesaving difference for animals in need, our moral obligation to protect our furry friends.


Step 1:  Purchase any Simbae products.

Step 2:  $2.00 will automatically be donated to charity.

Partnered Charities

Simbae started this project with 7 Charities across Asia Pacific, whom we stood by their animal welfare philosophy and work – the project has furthermore grown with the following charities, no kill shelters and NGO’s are fully dependent on donations and fundraising events to help keep the charity running and continue caring for the animals. They are feeding the animals, taking them for veterinary check-ups, vaccinating them against illnesses, and neutering/sterilizing them.

Animal Welfare Videos

To learn and understand the Asia Pacific Animal Welfare issues, browse and watch the videos below they have been created by the various charities we are supporting, and we look forward to saving pets lives together with you.