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No need to worry - if part or all of your order is damaged in transit, make contact with us immediately, please send along a photo for our reference and for your elgibablity to claim your replacement, send your detailed email to [email protected]. In most cases we will to collect the damaged goods at an address that's suitable for you. This is for quality control purposes.



YES, you have to be home at the time of delivery to sign for the package. We apologise for any inconvience to you, but it is our policy that we do not leave the package exposed to the elements. On the day of delivery you will be notified by our email notification that your product is being shipped (you can see the progress via our provided tracking number).



OK, if the courier has tried to deliver your package but for some reason, no one is at home to sign for it, the courier service will leave a notification card or they will phone you directly using your provided contact number, in order to advise you of the nearest postal outlet for you to collect your package personally.




Once you have gone through the checkout and payment process, you will return to a page on Simbae's website confirming your order as 'Queued' and you will recieve a confirmation email. When your product has been dispatched you will recieve an email notifying you and providing you with a tracking number for your reference.



In this case, you can refuse the delivery of the order which will than be returned to us. Once the package has returned to our warehouse, we will give you a full refund minus the original postage and packaging cost. Please be sure to send us an email and to confirm that you wish to cancel your order, before or after your refusal of delivery, please do so via email at [email protected].



All our products are dispatched in a beautiful box!




Simbae products have been developed with the greatest care for your much loved pets, we have avoided using any harmful ingredients, we have been uncompromising chosing only the mildest and most gentle ingredients which are green and sustainable resources, it is certainly your Pet's favourite Choice for his or hers Grooming needs.



You heard right! Cats and dogs chemical biology are different so their bodies and skin are going to react differently from one another. One ingredient that is deadly to cats but friendly on dogs is called ‘Permethrin’. You need to read the label and search for this ingredient. Even in small amounts this ingredient can be tragically deadly to your cat. Simbae does not use this ingredient in any of our products which is why Simbae products are suitable for both cats and dogs as this issue was taken into consideration during the research and development stage.



On each individual product page you will find a list of our ingredients for each products, please visit our Ingredients Explained section.



Most traditional pet shampoos have to be separate for both cats and dogs. This is due to some ingredients being harmful to cats whilst being okay on dogs. We have formulated this pet shampoo to be safe on both cats and dogs. It does not contain harmful ingredients that may affect your cat or your dog adversely.



None of Simbae or for that matter any of our products are tested on animal. We personally, as well as a company are very strongly opposed to any animal testing in any shape or form or for any purpose or reason.



The Air Freshener can be used in your dog’s kennel to remove any odours that your loved one may have brought in with them. You can spray it on their bedding and walls to ensure the removal of odour.



Even though our Air Freshener was formulated to be safe around the use of pets, we do not advise the use on the actual animal. Unlike humans, animals aren’t as fussy about odour as we are, so putting a fragrant on them may annoy and cause them to groom themselves to remove the smell. Giving them a bath regularly using the Fabulous Fur Shampoo should reduce the odour.



Most traditional pet shampoos have to be separate for both cats and dogs. This is due to some ingredients being harmful to cats whilst being okay on dogs. We have formulated this pet shampoo to be safe on both cats and dogs. It does not contain harmful ingredients that may affect your cat or your dog adversely.



When a pet suffers from a dry, flaky or itchy skin it is best to use a shampoo that offers moisturising properties to soften and sooth the skin. Using Sensitive Skin Shampoo will give you the moisturising properties that you are after. It has natural moisturises like Aloe Leaf, D-Panthenol and Vitamin E, Chamomile, Comfrey and Honey which help provide healthier skin for your furry loved one.



In this situation, you need to also sanitise the area to remove any bacteria still remaining in the carpet. Using the Pet Territory Sanitiser, you will remove any unwanted bacteria and germs. Then use the Pet Air Freshener on the carpet to quicken the odour removal process. You also don’t need to worry about discolouration of carpet from the Pet Air Freshener as it also has good properties for fabric Air Freshening.



The Sensitive Skin Shampoo has been specially formulated to provide a very mild shampoo for your pet. The shampoo is also pH balanced so it doesn't irritate the skin like most shampoos.



Yes, the Pet Air Freshener will eliminate the foul odours coming from the cat litter. The Pet Air Freshener has been produced to be safe around animals so you don’t need to worry about your pets being affected by this. Feel free to spray the Pet Air Freshener on the cat litter and around the area to remove the foul odours.



The purpose of creating a brand like Simbae - is to have children interacting with thier pets and learning how to take care and love them. Simbae is safe to be used by children, and there is no harm with frequent use. These precious furry creatures teach our children how to be gentle, love, and care for another being - this is why they deserve the best. They deserve Simbae.




Our company doesn’t test on animals at all. We oppose animal testing in any way or form, and we always strive to obtain ingredients which are cruelty free, however in some cases, unfortunately, our ingredient suppliers have to do animal testing by law, as they have to meet government, safety and environmental requirements for their ingredients.


We know some companies say they “don’t test on animals,” but we’re skeptical about that since it is often legally required. A company saying it doesn't test on animals, doesn't mean that the ingredients themselves haven’t been tested. The vast majority of ingredients used in products will have been tested for toxicity. But some companies ignore this issue because their raw materials were tested by the suppliers they purchase from, or from other suppliers that those suppliers use. We care about our honesty and transparency in our claims. So, we won’t make broad, sweeping claims that imply more than is true.



Not in all cases. Products made from natural materials may have more allergens than products made from synthetic materials. For example, fragrances made from natural fragrance materials may contain allergens at higher levels than fragrances made from primarily synthetic materials.



Preservatives and Fragrances provide valuable benefits. Preservatives prevent the growth of microbes as products sit on store shelves or in the home, helping the products last longer and perform better, without becoming spoiled. Finally, many people associate a fresh fragrance with a clean and welcoming home, and they specifically seek out products that offer this benefit.



Yes in all of Simbae's products we have made our packaging as close to environmentally friendly as possible, by using PET “1” Bottles, all Plastic Closures, Environmentally safe label materials, printing and cardboard packaging, so that you may recycle and / or reuse all of our materials. We also have relocated our factory closer to our main markets in Asia and Europe from Australia to Malaysia enabling us to reduce our carbon footprint in transporting our products to our customers.



The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) for simplicity. These are terms you're used to seeing on makeup and personal products household products etc. Since the INCI nomenclature is specifically for the personal care industry, some ingredients we use are not on the INCI list. For those ingredients not covered in the INCI list we use a Consumer Specialty Products Association (CSPA) ingredient dictionary. It's designed to help everyone in the household and personal care industry using consistent ingredient naming. As a result, our ingredient names are a combination of the INCI nomenclature and the CSPA dictionary, For example how we talk about water when it's used as an ingredient. The INCI term is aqua. In the CSPA dictionary it is simply called water.



Under the World of Simbae menu link in the top navigation, there is a sub-menu link called Ingredients Glossary - there you can see all the ingredients used in Simbae's Products, why we use them,  and their origins!



Our products are regulated by many laws and regulations too numerous to list here, and differ from country to country. Some of the major ones are:


  1. The Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA),
  2. The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).
  3. The Clean Air Act, which regulate the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) that our products can contain.
  4. Local Food and Drug Authority (FDA).
  5. Customs Department which is responsible for the correct labelling and to verify that all the above criteria has been met.


While some chemicals, such as asbestos and arsenic are very dangerous, or “toxic,” just about every chemical has a degree of toxicity associated with it. Take table salt, or sodium chloride, for example. When used sparingly, table salt simply makes dinner taste better. But if you eat an excessive amount, table salt can be a factor in high blood pressure. So is it toxic? The answer is: Table salt CAN be toxic if used excessively, but when used in moderation, it’s NOT toxic. What matters is the amount used, or dosage.



No, you can be rest assured that we work closely with our Fragrance Partner to ensure that we have evaluated the ingredients in our fragrances, both for human health and the environment. We meet, and often surpass, the regulatory requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Consumer Safety Product Commission in the U.S. and Health Canada, as well as the standards specified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).



In today’s world, we’re often told we should always use natural things. From food to clothing to other products, the notion is that natural ingredients may be healthier or help sustain resources and the environment. But surprising as it may seem, that isn’t always the case. In fact, natural fragrance materials may be more toxic than their synthetic counterparts.


An example is d-Limonene, which is in many natural fragrance materials and is a component of citrus peels. d-Limonene can cause skin allergies and can potentially be toxic to organisms in waterways, depending on the dose. And many other natural fragrance ingredients have the same hazard. In fact, the amount of limonene in an orange peel is enough to warrant a “Harmful” classification as a skin allergy hazard in the European Union AND a “Dead Tree and Dead Fish” symbol for being dangerous to the environment!

So should the use of natural fragrance materials be avoided altogether? No. But neither should the use of synthetic ingredients with similar or better profiles. As long as a fragrance ingredient is used at an appropriate concentration in a product, there should be no problems with using it. And that goes for both natural and synthetic ingredients.



As a family company, nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of the families who use our products. That’s why we make specific ingredient information available to our consumers and we remain committed to transparency and open communication with our consumers about what ingredients are in our products.



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