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Help Save A Pet’s Life for Southeast Asia Animal Welfare Project

Simbae has a mission and goal to support Large and Small NGO, Charity and No-Kill Shelter organizations who share the same mission of Animal Welfare in Southeast Asia.


Southeast Asia Animal Welfare Information

In Asia and the Far East, livestock undergoes major suffering due to malnutrition, overloading, and ill-treatment. The dog meat trade is arguably the most severe companion animal welfare issue in the region. Whilst dog meat is consumed in several regions of the world, the availability of dog meat is most widespread in Asia, where the welfare concern is greatest due to the large numbers of dogs being stolen from owners, taken from the streets or sourced from farms, transported long distances and inhumanely slaughtered. Conservative estimates suggest that over 30 million dogs are farmed, traded and slaughtered for human consumption in Asia alone each year. However, wherever the dog meat trade occurs, it is either illegal or its production takes place without specific regulation, so accurate statistics regarding the number of dogs slaughtered are impossible to obtain.

At slaughterhouses animals are handled roughly and watch other animals being killed; stunning is not practiced. Cruelty to other animals such as elephants, horses, donkeys, bears, dogs, and circus animals has largely been prevented through the efforts of animal welfare organizations. Governments have taken initiatives to establish Animal Welfare Boards and enact laws for the prevention of cruelty to animals, but their efforts are far too limited to be of any significance and financial constraints and lack of personnel inhibit the implementation of the laws that do exist.

In Vietnam, approximately 5 million dogs are slaughtered each year for human consumption. Many of these dogs are sourced from Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia to ensure supply meets demand in the restaurant trade in Vietnam. The dogs are stolen from the streets, packed tightly into small cages, and transported overland for days without food and water. Numerous reports have documented the severe cruelty inherent in all stages of the dog meat trade; sourcing, transportation, sale and slaughter.

Rabies is a viral disease spread from animals (usually dogs) to humans, which is nearly always fatal. It represents a serious public health and animal welfare problem around the world but is most commonly found in Asia, where an estimated 39,000 people die of rabies every year.

The Project

Help Save A Life of Pet – Our money, your charity, your choice, together we can help save the life of a pet…

Every purchase total, Simbae will donate $2 to the pet charity of YOUR choice. Your loving donation helps make an immediate, lifesaving difference for animals in need, our moral obligation to protect our furry friends.

Purchase at Simbae’s Shop, at the checkout simply select ‘Yes, I want to Help Save A Pet’s Life.’

Simbae’s Charities 

We selected 7 Charities across Asia Pacific, we stand by their animal welfare philosophy and work – so for those who do not nominate a charity at checkout or do not name one – we will donate to the Charity as per their country location.

Partnered Charities 

The following charities, strictly no kill shelters and NGO’s are fully dependent on donations and fundraising events to help keep the charity running and continue caring for the animals. They feeding the animals, taking them for veterinary check-ups, vaccinating them against illnesses, and neutering/sterilizing them.

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